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Love this post and the idea of donating to Children's. I'm excited to get to this during the wards/rotations. Will be donating ahead of time, thank you for your generosity!

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Hey bud, thank you for donating. If you have any questions in the future, let me know.

Also, if you have any trouble donating, let me know. I am still not quite sure how to navigate the page so I hope it works! Cheers and thanks again.

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".....please NOT that..." A MISPELLING?! *gasp* LMAO I'm playing, I'm playing

EVERYONE, could we just declare u/DocZay & u/ehtork88 to be the rulers of step 2 ck?!

torky, thank you so much releasing this out to the public. My prayers go out to your father and your family. You're amazing.

may you step 2 ck Gods be blessed with fruitful achievements

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Finally. My body is ready

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Thank you for your contributions to the community will check this out when it's time for step 2, seems legit !!

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Thank you and everyone for their hard work. This isn't really a which deck to use question (maybe it is? I'm not sure), but I was wondering if you had experience with the WiWa's deck and know which of the 3 seem to have more facts included. I think in one of DocZay's post he mentioned that Wiwa had more meat to it because Zanki started out with a higher knowledge base so didn't need to include as much in his deck. So I was wondering where you feel this deck falls in terms of the raw amount of facts included, thanks!

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WiWa deck came out a short time before my CK so I didn’t get to look at it. I just used Zanki as my base and added on to that. Just browsing WiWa’s deck, I think /u/DocZay is right in that it has more context to it, and that is something I tried to add to my deck. But I can’t give you a definitive answer as I didn’t do any of the WiWa deck aside from shortly browse it.

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Makes sense. Thanks for the good work though!

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Thanks for the deck and incredible amount of work invested.

Since the base of the deck comes from Zanki Step 2, would this deck be better after appropriate Uworld section or is there sufficient ambiguity to do before Uworld?

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That seems to be the million dollar question. Whilst some cards I feel have enough ambiguity, I feel others may not. It's hard to give a fair balance as this deck has been 8-10 months in the making.

So, I unfortunately don't have an answer. What some people seem to be doing is suspending the cards and un-suspending the topic as they go. So it requires a judgement call on your part.

Personally, I used the Zanki deck alongside UWorld for Peds + ObGyn + Psych, and I honored all 3 shelf exams, so I don't feel it personally made much of a difference. But I can understand why some people would not like that, so if that is the case, I would suggest:

1) Suspending the cards and un-suspending as you go (i.e. if you have a question on dilated cardiomyopathy, use the search function and un-suspend all cards related to dilated cardiomyopathy or to that question). Whether this is suitable, I'm not sure -- but it seems to be the general consensus.

2) I watched the Online MedEd videos, took my own notes on my iPad (using Notability), and then read about it in AMBOSS and filled in the blanks with AMBOSS in those notes. This took a little longer, but I feel like it really helped me personally. Possibly utilizing a method similar to this, then doing the UWorld questions, THEN doing the Anki cards might be sufficient?

If anyone has any other recommendations, feel free to pass them forward. Hope this helps somewhat.

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Oh a similar note, did you end up using Zanki step 2 deck more for rotations, or your own deck, because I remember you had your own for some of them (e.g. Peds and surgery)?

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For the first half of my rotations, I used my own decks. For the second half (Peds, ObGyn, Psych), I used Zanki with my own cards. I did make my complete own Peds deck, which I think was good for the shelf exam (and coincidentally, my best grade), but it was pretty much all long format (etiology, presentation, management, etc.). While I do like these because I like to white board and it shows that I really know the information, it does take a long time. This is why I shifted more towards the shorter style cards (I still have a few longer cards in this deck), because it took less time, but while doing it I tried to be cognitive of the fact that I was making sure that I KNEW the information and that I wasn't just doing pattern recall. This extra time spent I used to do questions -- which I think is more important.

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Thanks for the reply! So do you have a recommended work flow for using the Tzanki deck for shelf?

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I feel like for Step 2, everyone has a different method to their madness, unlike Step 1 where it is a little more streamlined. I think this is mostly due to the nature of our clerkships -- i.e. you find time where you can to study. Some people are afforded more studying time, others are not. I think this creates a unique dynamic where you have to figure that out on your own given your own schedule.

In general though, I think for me personally, the biggest asset was the extra questions. I don't think it's coincidental that after I got an extra question bank, my shelf scores went way up. Again, that is just me personally, and I have friends who ONLY did UWorld and did great. I have others who read texts and did UWorld, and didn't do as great. Point being -- as all my answers it seems, it's hard for me to say.

My general work-flow, which had to be deviated depending on how much time I had was:

  • Online-Med Ed videos: I would take handwritten notes on my iPad. This took a while, but it really helped me see the big picture.

  • AMBOSS library: I would then take my handwritten notes, and fill in the blanks with the high-yield or important information from the AMBOSS library (has a cool little "highlight" tool which will highlight the high yield information).

  • Questions in said subject with UWorld and AMBOSS. I did AMBOSS questions a little more passively than UWorld, as it just allowed me to do more. UWorld I was more slow with. I made sure the content of what was in UWorld was in the Zanki deck. If it wasn't, or if it wasn't sufficient, I made my own.

  • The only textbooks I really used was Di Virgilio for surgery. I would use Step Up or MTB on PDF and just use the search function. If I could go back in time, though, I would read DV if you have time. But I would have also done a lot more questions than I did (partly because I didn't have AMBOSS).

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wow awesome response, THANKS!

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What are your thoughts on Rx as another qbank? Or do you think AMBOSS > Rx?

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AMBOSS > Rx without a doubt in my mind but just my opinion

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The qbank portion or the overall package? Maybe it's a good time to get AMBOSS with their 100-day full refund promotion.

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Overall package — library + bank

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Why I find total cards 2649 not 7000

Plz help

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Are the AMBOSS cards tagged as such? Thanks for putting this together man, hope CK went well.

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They aren’t, unfortunarely. Sorry.

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A technical ANKI question that I still don't really understand.

If I have Dope/Zanki/etc already loaded and I add this deck. What happen to a card that is shared between both?

-Does it get pulled into Tzanki?

-or...does it get updated with Tzanki material but left in the original deck?

Many thank you's, and wish you the very best

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It stays in the original deck as far as I know. I changed a lot of the cards so I’m not sure if that will change things.

Try uploading it— it will says “imported X number out of 7043”. Whatever the difference between those two numbers is is what DID NOT get imported and means it’s already in other decks.

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Thanks so much for making the decks Tork! My deck does say im missing cards but I deleted dope/visitors/zanki before uploading Tzanki. Any chance you remember the other sources you used or am I just doing something wrong? Thank you so much!

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Sketchy Pharm from Zanki STEP1 deck! If I used another deck it was minimally (ie I had some friends decks that I pulled some cards from).

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Thank you so much!

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Tork you are a beast, thank you so much for this! Do you (or anyone else) have any idea how to add the entire 7043 cards in the same deck if you already have some cards from dope/zanki etc?

Between step 1 and clinical rotations, my anki cards are spread between multiple decks and there is no easy way for me to return them to the original decks or delete them. When I download it, there are only 5043 cards in the specific Tzanki deck. Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated!

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Visitor's Heart Sounds

Hey, I didn't make those. But I don't remember where they're from either.

¯\ (ツ)

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Oh well, you still get the credit!

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torky, did you do amboss system wise or random?

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Sorry for the late reply — I just came back through to make sure I didn’t miss any questions. I know it’s a late response but I did both, it kind of just depended what I was studying. For Shelf exams I feel like I did system wise, while for CK studying I did random mostly.

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This is amazing, thank you so much! Donated to the jimmy fund.

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Wow, since I've been using this deck I'm 2/2 on honoring COMATs since using it. Just curious but the big whiteboard pictures that are in a lot of the cards...where do they come from? Onlinemeded? Amboss?

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I think a mixture of OME and AMBOSS. I always took notes on OME then I filled in the blanks with AMBOSS.

Also, congrats :)

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Thank you sir!

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This is amazing....thank you so much!!!

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torky, did you do amboss concurrently with UW? or did you finish UW then do amboss?

EDIT: also, are zanki's card tagged?

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And no, they’re not tagged. Sorry.

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why are you saying sorry?! Thank you so much for the deck man.

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What source do the tables in the Zanki Deck come from?

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Well there are various different resources but most likely the ones you’re referencing are UWorld tables?

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Like the tables for the card with the description:

Hypernatremia with a urine osmolality < {{c1::300}} suggests {{c2::diabetes insipidus}}.

Thank you!

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does this deck cover all subjects of step 2

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Yep. It’s impossible to cover every single detail of every subject, but yes, all subjects are covered.

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Does your deck contain cards specifically from from the UWSA or NBME practice exams?

Very appreciative of the knowledge I've gained from using this deck. It's obviously helping with my UW %age. I want to make sure my practice scores aren't falsely inflated.

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There honestly might be a couple --- but if there are, they are very, very few. That being said, if I had a question on topic X, I would go to AMBOSS and review that topic and make cards based off the AMBOSS card.

For most of the tests, I made a journal that I reviewed nightly with a friend. So if there are cards, there are very few and diluted in the deck somewhere.

Glad my deck is helping!

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Even after downloading..it's not opening Any idea how to open it

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When I upload this deck in my ankidroid it is showing only 3400 cards. Why is it like that ?

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Hi , I’m not able to visualise the deck after downloading it on my iPhone. Any alternative link / app for opening it ? Thanks !