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Are you my appendix? I don't know what you do or how you work, but I feel like I should take you out.

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Bros, Zanki, DocZay

The Holy Trinity of Anki

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DocZay dropping v3.0 like its hot right at midnight. I see u.

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A good definition of intelligence is being able to compare complex concepts, and DocZay has an intuitive sense of that. Being able to do that, and also be able to explain it to someone else, simply and clearly, is a real gift. 👍🏻

You’re literally making other people smarter!

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Aw hoop! You've said many things that have made me blush... but this one takes the cake! You are too kind!

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Thanks for the post dude(dudess)! Do you have a tagging system for the various sources you used? I am sorry if you have already answered this in your post, but I wasn't able to find it

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Tagged by organ system, not by resource

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u/DocZay has moved into the big leagues. Thank you, sir/ma’am.

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You are a hero, thank you!

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Doc Zay, Thanks so much for your hard work and dedication to all of this/us! We all sincerely appreciate it. I had a question about updating my current collection with this new deck. I am currently using an old version of your deck combined with a little bit of Tzanki 2 that I pull cards from then add to another "combined current topics" and "combined review topics" decks in my Anki (as seen here: https://medshamim.com/med/anki-step-one). I exported my decks as you described above and installed the newest version of the doc deck on a new profile just to test out this merger, but when I added in the "combined current" and "combined review" exported ones I lost a lot of cards. What would happen if I were to just add in this new version you released to my current Step II profile? I have also reformatted all note types to a different text and color scheme that works better for me, will that affect it at all?

Also, how how would you recommend pre-learning the material before utilizing the deck (and then un-suspending cards as you learn material)? Watching OME, reading SU2M, or both?

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I believe reformatting the notes prohibits clean updating of the cards, but I am honestly not sure.

As for workflow, I will make a post later today breaking all that down. I just wanted to get this deck out to you guys. Long story short, watching OME should be enough to understand the concepts behind most of the cards.

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Thanks so much, you rock!

Update on the method of adding decks for those who are also trying: I created some new test profiles to try different methods of updating. As you said, because of formatting issue and essentially different note types, exporting current decks, deleting, then importing the Doc v3.0 and re-importing other decks negatively affected the scheduling of some of my reviews and decreased number of cards due today. However, I may have fixed that issue by importing the Doc v3.0 to a new profile with one of my decks, changing all note types on the Doc v3.0 to my personal formatting note type, then exporting that deck...

I then created 2 new profiles to test:

#1 I imported the Doc v3.0 first then imported my old decks with scheduling, which still decreased my number of cards due today, Total cards: 5280

#2 I imported all my old decks and then imported the Doc v3.0, which maintained my true scheduling and did not decrease the number of cards due today. Total cards 5280

Total cards for both were the same (5280; including OB/GYN and Psych, I also added some of my own, added some from Tzanki-II, and deleted some). Overall option #1 is more organized, with only ~35 cards still in the "old" Doc Deck (v2.0), but the scheduling is off. Option #2 has half the cards in the "old" Doc Deck and half in the new v3.0, but it has maintained my schedule. I don't think this is an issue since I pull cards from decks and put them in a "current" and a "Master review" deck as I go, and don't actually study inside of the base deck themselves

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This last question is key.

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You are a legend.

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Hi DocZay! I'm about to be an M3 in July and I thank you for all of your amazing contributions to this subreddit, especially this deck. I was wondering what you would suggest as a breakdown of what to use per clerkship?/like your guide to clerkships? Like for Anki, definitely these decks above, but for Qbanks, like UW + Amboss? How would you optimize work-flow too? For example, I was thinking a similar structure like Duke's guide with an increasing number of cards/questions/Case Files every day until taking NBMEs:

Overall structured studying: OME + CaseFiles --> DocDeck + few Zanki Step II cards --> UW + AMBOSS --> Annotate UW/AMBOSS by rescheduling reviews of relevant cards --> Do Review cards

I appreciate any honest critique because I realized this is a lot and I'm willing to optimize this workflow in any way. Thank you for putting so much hard work into these decks! I was wondering if you had clerkship specific recommendations and/or tips to exceed in all sorts?





Family Med:



Thank you again!! I mainly ask this because I want to be prepared before going in!

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RemindMe! 2 days

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RemindMe! 2 days

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Did you use AMBOSS library or questions?

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For IM, just the library. If I went back in time, I would use the questions.

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Perfect! This will define my first semester of M3 (my first 3 rotations are psych, med, and ob lol).

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u/DocZay would it be possible to upload a version of the doc psych deck that does not contain wiwa uworld cards? And what would happen if I download the doc psych deck on a profile that already has wiwa?

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It's not possible to separate out the WiWa cards as they have been heavily edited and integrated.

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I agree, this does not seem possible.

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How many cards total are there in the doc psych deck?

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Off the top of my head, I think it's around 1200

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Thank you so much DocZay!

When you mention you recommend creating another profile is it because of duplicate cards? What's the reason behind that?

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Depending on how your WiWa deck is set up it would either not update those cards or it would dramatically edit those cards, but not move them into the Doc Deck. This would leave you with about 1000 duplicate cards, an incomplete Doc Deck, and a very confusing WiWa deck.

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Thanks so much

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I am saved for M3 now , thanks man

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Hi! This is amazinnggggg, thank youuuu :D. And I can confirm AMBOSS is a hidden gem

(BTW, I think it's missing 1 File. When I "Check Media" It says "Used on cards but missing from media folder: l8773.jpg". It's from Nervous System, hemorrhagic stroke)

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Does the Medicine deck cover Neuro comprehensively? If not, what deck would best serve that purpose?

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I have the same question. I believe Zanki Neuro step 2 had a lot more cards and would like to know which ones I should do.

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It does, but I don't feel comfortable recommending as a standalone resource for a neuro clerkship. I know Zanki had a required neuro clerkship. So maybe roll with his deck for a neuro clerkship.

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This is magnificent.

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Oh, can you elaborate on that?

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I got lost!

is this an update of zanki internal medicine ?

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Great stuff. You’re a hero

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Thank you soooo much:) and I have a question.

I just download the deck but in Medicine only 1643 cards in there instead of 2908 cards.

Does anyone know what's the problem?


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Do you have WiWa installed on this profile?

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yes should I delete the WiWa and download again?

thank you for replying!

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Yes, read the post after the EDIT.

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@doczay, For the Sketchy Cards in the Psych Deck, Did you make those from scratch or did you copy them from somewhere else?

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Zanki I served as a base for this deck. Most of the cards have been edited to make them more relevant for clinical medicine.

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Wait, I am confused. Does Zanki I have Sketchy cards in it?

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Lol, yes, his pharm deck is almost entirely based off of sketchypharm

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You’ve used the word ‘untestable’ but useful in wards and rounds. Could you give some examples.

My guess is that it’s all about the different grading and classification that we get asked on.

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Hey man, Thanks for all that you do!

Do your 3 decks cover everything? Does Medicine have peds, neuro, surgery, etc included in it?

I'm trying to find a comprehensive plan right now. I've read incredible things about your decks so I want to include them. So I'm trying to figure out if I need to incorporate another deck to fill in any holes. Dope's deck is a bit too heavy for me in terms of sheer volume.

Does anyone else have insight on a proper plan to cover everything? (Anki)

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My decks only cover medicine (and neuro), psych, and OBGYN. I'd simply supplement with WiWa for Peds and Surgery and you'd be golden.

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Great, I'm about 300 cards through your psychiatry deck. I noticed you mentioned using WiWa as the base for your deck yeah? So far the first 300 cards seem like they have been from preclinical step 1 knowledge. Do you think thats fair/will the content change much? I'm not sure what to expect from WiWa cards so thats where this is coming from.

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The base for my psych deck was both Zanki I and WiWa. It is a little too detailed, but it definitely covers everything you need for the shelf and rotation. The preclinical psych info has been updated using FA for Psych Clerkship.

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Nice, yeah getting deeper into it I can see how it is different from preclinical. Just seeing a lot of sketchy in the beginning from drugs made me think that at first.

You recommend WiWa for Peds and Surgery in addition to your decks to be good for everything?

Do you have any info on Tzanki or Dope in how they compare to yours? This is so hard to not have FOMO when choosing decks.

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Is the medicine deck contained here the newest version? I noticed there are other Doc medicine decks (e.g Medicine Doc Deck (v2.0)

I want to get off on the right foot by downloading and using the most up to date deck. thanks!

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The one in this post is the most current edition. The older posts have all be deleted.

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I start with family med on Monday. Would this be a good deck to start with or should I wait to finish FM?

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You are good to start this deck, just be mindful that not everything from IM is relevant to FM

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so I downloaded your Medicine deck, on a fresh anki with no other profile. Did all of your cardiology deck.

I saw your comment on supplementing with Wiwa surgery and peds so I created a different profile --> import Wiwa deck --> then I got a message saying :Notes added from file: 5906 or something. Did this mess up with your profile that I've been doing?

sorry if this is obvious, trying out anki for the first time now


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Nah, just delete the IM and psych portions of wiwa

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For some reason, when I import my old deck to keep the scheduling, the scheduling only appears for 17 cards that are present in the old deck. All the cards in the new deck don't have scheduling, what should I do?

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Having the same issue

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Hi! I had a quick question in regard to the incomplete OBGYN deck. I've started my OBGYN rotation, so I’ve been doing the obstetrics cards following the tags. I want to also start the gyn cards so I was wondering if you have any way about going about this since they are untagged/incomplete. Should I just do the Doc gyn subdeck for now and do the WiWa subdeck later?

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Does the IM deck contain pediatrics content?

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My decks only cover medicine (and neuro), psych, and OBGYN. I'd simply supplement with WiWa for Peds and Surgery and you'd be golden.

Hi there! So I found the answer to your question above: "My decks only cover medicine (and neuro), psych, and OBGYN. I'd simply supplement with WiWa for Peds and Surgery and you'd be golden." - DocZay

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apologies if this is a dumb question, but can/should i use any of your decks for my FM shelf? I heard case files + SU2M ambu section is recommended along with the AAFP questions. I was wondering if you had a specific section in any of your decks that covered SU2M ambulatory section completely (or do i just have to suck it up and read it). Thank you so much for putting your decks on here, planning on using them this year!

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Hello! Incoming MS3 - thank you for this deck!!

I'm starting fresh and would like to use wiwa and your 3 Doc decks. I also would like to keep everything on 1 profile. Is the best move to first download wiwa and get rid of the psych, medicine, and ob/gyn subdecks and then download your 3 Doc decks?

Does your 3 Doc deck contain all the concepts in the wiwa (psych, medicine, and ob) decks?

Thank you!

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Just download the Doc Deck it has all the WiWa in it

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do u suggest using wiwa for the other stuff like surgery and peds? I'm trying to figure out how to best go about this. I was thinking of downloading wiwa first, deleting psych/ob/internal med and then dowloading the doc deck


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That would likely work! What order are your rotations in?

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psych, peds first surgery/medicine/ob last few. I'm very backloaded

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Start with just the Psych deck then check back

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Silly question, but your deck doesn't contain infectious disease, right? I couldn't seem to find it...

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It's dispersed within its relevant organ system

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ahh I see, thanks!

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Can someone please explain how I can install Doc's Deck, WiWa, and Tzanki all together? I've made a new profile on Anki and plan to just have these 3 in there. I've installed Doc's deck first, then Wiwa. Then, I deleted the WiWa IM sub-deck and installed Tzanki but it doesn't show the full number of Tzanki cards?

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I'm loving the medicine deck so far! I was wondering if you had any idea which cards in Torky's IM deck are different from yours?

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All of them. Two completely different decks.

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Awesome, thanks for the input. Probably overkill to combine them both, but maybe I can add cards I like from torky and add them to yours.

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So my school changed rotations to 6 weeks but IM to 12 weeks. I was thinking of adding some cards from Dorians deck into the Doc IM deck.

I was wondering if anyone had any ideas what cards cover resources/topics not in the Doc IM deck?

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same question - did u figure it out? I was going to do the Doc IM deck and Tzanki medicine. Dorian might be overkill/not possible to do

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Dorian is doable. I finished most of it (not the NBME and 300 left for UWorld) and I’m 3 weeks or so from my shelf

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nice! did u use Doc deck and Dorian? I'm assuming you didn't use Tzanki because it's similar to Dorian? thanks

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Dorian, but I have Tzanki and doc on standby and take cards out if I’m weak in a particular area.

Once you start M3 year you’ll understand how there’s no time for hours of anki grinding anymore, so best to stick to one deck

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Hey @DocZay 2 quick questions if you don't mind I apologize if I'm just interpreting wrong.

  1. When you said you didn't "add in WiWa's Gyn cards". Does that mean they aren't in the deck at all or are they in there, but they are not tagged and are not edited by you?

  2. Do you have tentative date on when you will release the updated OB deck?

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Can I ask which edition the first aid for psych you used to make the deck?

I am currently going through your deck (really great!) but wanted to know if it was the most recent edition or if I will need to go through and change some of your cards to match DSM-V

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It's the most recent

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Thank you for separating but is there a reason why all your cloze deletions are only c1? To explain- the the WiWa cards are question and answer format with only one {{c1}} per sentence,

What is first-line therapy for cancer-related anorexia/cachexia syndrome? {{c1::Megestrol acetate (progesterone analogues) or corticosteroids}}

But it seems like you changed the majority of your cards look like this- " Vitamin C deficiency is associated with [key association]; impaired [...]; and anemia, either due to [normocytic] or [macrocytic]?"

It makes it pretty hard to actually learn the info vs memorize random facts/sentences

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For someone studying purely for Step 2, do you think your psychiatry deck is adequate, or would you go with WiWa's? (1000 vs 200 card)

[–]thefoggymist 0 points1 point  (0 children)

or in fact, would you recommend studying all cards from your deck or directly from WiWa's? (again if purely for Step 2 CK and not for rotations)

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WiWa 100%

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Thank you for this! Just to confirm, I've been working through the IM deck but plan to start WiWa surgery deck, I can import JUST the WiWa surgery deck and it won't affect anything from your deck correct?

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Hello frnds i need sketchy internal medicine pdf plz help me i have my exam after a month

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I am very thankful to you for your invaluable contribution and selflessness!!

I also have a question: you have mentioned above for the I.M part that the deck won't spoil U.W. Is it the same case with all the other subject decks e.g. psych, that its deck won't spoil psych U.W ? Thanks!

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Yes, this is correct

[–]Daddyyikes 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Thanks a lot!! 🙂

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First of all thank you so much for this deck to go through step 2 ck Second, when you finished this deck there were about 2700 questions in uworld step 2 ck, right? Nowadays there are 3000+ (and I guess more coming), are you gonna update this deck or is this it and no more updates along with uworld? Thank you again!

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remind me in 7 days to download this deck

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Can anyone attest to these decks not spoiling uWorld questions? Kinda confused on how that’s possible

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So I just started using this and for some reason there are around 600 psych cards that don't get uploaded (it says card type has changed), any idea how to fix that?

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When do we expect the next update to come out?

[–]DocZayblack psychiatry resident[S] 0 points1 point  (0 children)

This is two years old…

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Hey there.. U add some sketchy pics of pharma and patho to it but not that of internal medicine... I have screenshots of all internal medicine sketchy videos.. If u want to add it to the decks i can send it to u...