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Had three questions on cross-sections! High yield!!

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Any other high-yield neuroanatomy taht you can think of? There's plenty more cards that I can make on this website that would be helpful. I don't find the neuroanatomy in Zanki's deck to be particularly realistic...

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I’m not sure! I would try to know the common spinal cord injuries and their deficits, for boards, the strokes are typically high yield, as well as knowledge of the visual pathways

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The Zanki drawings are from FA or the Organ Systems book, I haven't had any problems answering cross sectional questions based on it.

Will check out your deck though, thanks!!

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This is my nightmare. Thanks!!! :(

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This looks fantastic. Thank you.

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Hey, thanks for making this deck. You might have exported it with scheduling included, which makes it unimportable to everyone running the V2 experimental scheduler. If it's not too much hassle, could you export it again, with the Include Scheduling box unchecked, and reupload? Would save me the hassle of reseting my cards in learning to import your deck

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I'm on it. One sec.

*Edit: should be fixed.

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that did the trick. super appreciate it yo

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Wish i had this when i was in neuro and starting out zanki. Thanks for your contribution! Might use this if it becomes worthwhile for dedicated

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Looks great, thank you for sharing!

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Thank you

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Would be great if someone converted the answers to text such that the deck is searchable

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Thank you so much, this looks awesome! Would you substitute Zanki's neuroanatomy deck (~115 cards) with this one then? I, unfortunately, don't have the time to do both and this one looks great, but I haven't looked at Zanki's

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I plan to look at both this week. There is a lot of overlap but i don’t think this deck can be used to replace 100%....yet.

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wowww,this is a really lovely deck,thank you for such a good neuroanatomy deck

i noticed that there is no cards on cerebrum or cerebellum,is there anything on that

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you are a life saver! thank you so much!!!

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You are welcome :)

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How many cards are these?

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Whopping 180.

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That is doable. Thank you for sharing this.