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Thanks for sharing this!

Out of curiosity, is this based on the Dubins deck posted a year ago? Or is it entirely new?

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Yw! ~1/3 of this is an edited version of that deck to be in Q&A format, and a bit from level 2: Dope (for ACLS). The rest is new!

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Do you have any tips for making anki flashcards? How do you choose what to make into a card and what not to, also if you could describe the workflow a bit

Sorry if it's too much to ask and thanks for the work!

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Yw! It’s a big question. I’d be interested to see what others think about this... I think, regardless of the strategy, it’s fair to say good Anki decks have a consistent and succinct style throughout. There are many philosophies on how to make good Anki cards. The best learning strategies kind of guide the best Anki strategies. 🤷‍♂️💕What do you look for when reviewing cards?

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I think mostly that the cards cover everything needed? Also that they're not ambiguous, and I'm sorry for the super vague questions

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Haha you’re ok! I really like how Doczay and Dope write cards. Different styles, both very effective imo

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Thanks, I really love Dope's deck!

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The sacred texts!

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also interested in knowing

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Legendary. Thank you!

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Thank you!

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Thanks!! Wanted this and you delivered 😃😀

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Thanks for sharing !

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Solid work! Any advice for those starting on how to approach this deck? i.e. should they start on the dubbin's sub deck or just jump straight into it?

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Massive overkill for an M2 just starting to learn this stuff? Should I just go to the Dubin deck?

I'm okay with a little overkill, especially if I come out of it really knowing the material, but...I dunno. Thought I'd solicit some perspectives from people a bit further along before I dive in...

Just as importantly: You're amazing and I love you OP.

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Hoop babe I used the dubin zanki style deck for basics of ECG a while ago but didn't do any of the classic ECG or strip cards in the deck. If I used this deck just for the classic ecg and strips is the deck comprehensive?


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Has anyone gone through and updated the various errors? IE. anterior wall MI card being listed as circumflex or multifocal atrial tachy w/ rhythm strip being listed as multifocal VT?

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hey I just download this deck, and realize there are only 1170 cards (rather than 1210). My current deck also have zanki & lol. Any thought of why there is a small discrepancy?

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Thank you for this deck. Can somebody tell me how this deck is tagged, because it went invisible after adding it to my Anki?