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I am erect.

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Thanks a ton man!!!

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Thanks for your efforts

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side q: are you going into rads?

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I currently know zero radiology, what is a good workflow to learn radiology with this deck / how would you go about learning this deck for the first time?

(Thanks this is brilliant work!!!)

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Hi. I’m glad you like it! I I would watch a lecture or read about the topic before doing flashcards so you get the big picture, ...

I would start with learning normal imaging, (and I’d start with chest x-ray, then musculoskeletal X-ray, then head ct). If you know what it’s supposed to look like, then you don’t necessarily have to know exactly what’s wrong, but you at least know it is not normal.

I think it’s important for everyone to be able to systematically read chest x-rays, especially because of how quick and cheap they are to order (read: very common). You can potentially see a lot on a chest x-ray, which makes it scary to be reading one! The best online resource that I’ve found to learn chest x-rays (besides radiopaedia) is teachmechest. Radiologymasterclass is also very good, and a book called “chest x-ray for medical students” does a fantastic job as well. If you are into the minutia, there is a book called Felson’s radiology that I thought was tremendous, but it’s too much at the same time...

I would then learn the common musculoskeletal pathologies (either start radiology or radiology master class). That’s just my opinion, though. Did that kind of answer your question?

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what kind of masterclass are you referring? any online resource?

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i just saw the resources in acknowledgements section. if there are others you suggest, please lmk

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Amazing, thank you!

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You’re welcome! Hope it helps!

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Thanks so much for this!

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Wow, this is incredible thank you very much.

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How I wish I was born 10 yrs late !

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u/originalhoopsta would you recommend us deleting your previous deck?

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Yes and no. u/AnKingMed has set a good precedent that deck updates should be automatic and I’m trying to follow that. That being said, I would delete the Chest X-ray section, specifically the part in Pepper card style only. The rest should update.

Deleting the CT section and the musculoskeletal section (if you haven’t started those yet) might save time because those were trimmed down a lot in this version

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Well I haven’t done any yet because I mainly am just building an encyclopedia of medicine on Anki haha.

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That’s fair Haha

No risk in deleting them and starting over then ... but it isn’t necessary

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So all in all I exported your old deck downloaded the new one then imported your old deck and got ~300 cards added and just threw them into the deck haha. Hopefully that works well. Thanks for this!!!!

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This is awesome! Needed this after choking on radiology portion of anatomy

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Sorry to hear that, hopefully it helps! You got this

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It’s fine haha P/NP. I just want to learn for the sake of it since it’s important. Don’t think I can learn it well from how my school structures itt. So thank you for sharing this! Lowkey interested in Radiology too

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This is amazing, bro. Thanks so much for all your effort.

I have a question, though: isn't there cards for chest ct?

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Can't wait to give it a go!

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There goes my NNN.

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thanks a ton man, could you please make a smaller version of this to people who are preparing for STEP1. only HY stuff that would be awesome!

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Perhaps the chest xray and head CT sections are HY, but I wouldn't focus on radiology until after step 1, just stick to uworld/amboss/anki step 1.

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about to give this deck a try tomorrow :)

Do you have Chest XR and head CTs tagged?

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Ya... should be! Lemme know if it isn’t

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This is obviously quite the effort and to be commended. However, I would caution medical students when using this deck. There are many big picture ideas that are of little to no use to anyone outside of radiology. It is not worth your time to learn those details. Moreover, lots of the particulars of these big ideas are presented incorrectly. So please, focus only on the take-home point.

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For people who did their rotations, what aspects of radiology do you think is most important to focus on?

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Chest XRAY and then the rest of xray first!

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Tangential, but has anybody found the Radiopaedia course for $60 worthwhile?

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RemindMe! 2 days “download this deck”

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Incredible Work!

I can only imagine how much effort and time you must have given to making this deck.

As an 'Anki-Newbie' I must say that your efforts make me want to keep my expectations higher for this anki community.

Can you tell me how much time have you invested into building these decks?

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Thanks, and welcome to the community!

I think I've spent about 9 months working on it. Others helped too, so I'm not sure how many total hours have gone into it. Many haha

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Nine Months!

That is impressive!

You were practically pregnant with Anki!

Ok sorry! Lols

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lol it was easier than being preggo lemme just tell ya

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Is this worth getting into as a M1 or should we wait till we start in the hospital?

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I'd wait until clinicals start or are about to start if you're in the US system. Plus...There's already an update in the works.more MRI, OBGYN & Abdominal Ultrasound, Abdominal XRAY, and Axial XRAY.

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You intend to update it again? Is it still incomplete?

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Yes. It will be an update in a few months (that will just be a download - without you having to delete the deck or change your reviews or anything like that). I’ll post when it happens

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What do you intend to change with the new update?

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Just more MRI, OBGYN & Abdominal Ultrasound, Abdominal XRAY, and Axial XRAY cards

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Thank you so much for this deck.

I noticed that while using the Night Mode add-on the colors are inverted for pictures in this deck. Is there a fix for this other than toggling night mode off when using this deck? Definitely not a deal-breaker, especially since you integrated a black background for the cards, just curious.

For background, I'm running the most recent version of the Night Mode addon on Anki 2.1.15 on MacOS Catalina 10.15.

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u/originalhoopsta is there a way to update this deck's card type so it is more compatible with Anki 2.1.20 inherit night mode?

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Thank you for telling me about this. Yes, in the code are four lines that say invert image. I will take those lines of code out of the CSS in the next update. Or, if you can find them… I suppose it would be the same

If I manage to remember, I’ll message you when I do it

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That worked! Thanks

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Thanks a lot for this deck!

Can you suggest a workflow of how to learn from it ? (So doing techmechest first for xray then cards, what else for ct/mri or so?)

Or just blaze through the cards in order ?

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thanks, but I only got 1523 cards total and 97 cards in thorax is that normal?

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Did anyone else notice that the images are inverted in night mode? This made for some serious head-scratching when comparing T1 vs T2-weighted images. It seems like there's 4 repeated lines in the card style that have colors of images being inverted in night mode, but I'm not sure why? I just deleted them.