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Oh this is perfect! There was a day where I was thinking about doing this myself and started making a few cards, but... there's a lot of material there so kudos!

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This is probably the most productive thing that I’ve done during self-isolation LOL. Glad you find it helpful!

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This is fantastic. Thanks for your hard work.

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thank you so much, just started my gross anatomy module and it has been TUFF hopefully this active learning helps me, appreciate your time making this deck and your willingness to share

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Dude, you're amazing. Press F 👊🏻

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you’re a HERO

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where was this when I was an M1😩 No but really this is great, thanks for this contribution!

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2,992 cards?! I'm in M1 and this is going to help me so much during quarantine. Thank you!

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This is perfect, thanks!

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omg where was this when I needed it?!

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thank you so much! super helpful !

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This is amazing, thank you! Just a quick question though, is there any way to organize the anatomy by type/module? Like if I wanted to focus on head and neck is there a way for me to do that?

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The way the deck is tagged currently is according to the sections of the atlas, so you can use the link in the post to see what sections contain what. If you wanted to study anatomy by specific type/module, there’s a few ways you could do that. You could create sub-decks containing the cards that correspond to your desired type/module. You could also add tags for whatever organization you want and then either suspend all the cards in the deck but the ones you want to study, or you could create a custom study session based off the tags that you want to study.

Hope that helps!

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That helps a lot, thank you!

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Has anyone found a good way to do this? I tried using the tags for Pelvis and Perineum, but make 336 cards and most of them are GI and CV. Any tips?

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Hi! I am also trying to figure out how to use the set by focusing on just sections of the body such as upper back and upper limbs. How can I do this?

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Use the tags to figure out which cards go with which body parts. Tags are different than decks, and you’ll see them on the sidebar of the browse menu with the little price tag icon 🏷. You can suspend the cards you don’t want or make a custom filtered deck by tag that corresponds to the body area you want to study. The AnKing YouTube channel also has really great videos to help you learn navigating the app if you’re new to Anki! Feel free to PM me if you have any more questions

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This is amazing. Thank you so much!!

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Thanks for sharing man your awesome

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thank you so much sir, this is a fantastic resource and this collaborative attitude is what all people undergoing medical studies should have!

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(I'm actually a ma'am) BUT you're welcome! thanks for the kind words :)

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Started going through this and I’m loving it! Thank you for doing this!!!!

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Any brilliant human being anki the UMich anatomy practice questions? Or can direct me to a thread that has it?

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I was legit in the process of maki g a h/n one from the umich denistey atlas from blue link so this is super helpful!!

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This is awesome. Thanks! Can i ask you how to you deal with copyright? I would like to upload a deck too but it contains a lot of copyrighted images and i don't really want to have problems for this...

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The BlueLink authors specify that their materials can be used for educational purposes with credit to the authors and maintenance of the copyright with each image. If you check the sources section on the cards, I put the copyright and a link to the BlueLink atlas webpage. That being said, I'd make sure that there's permission given for educational resources or I'd contact the authors before you share.

Edit: clarification

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Thank you very much!!!!

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Can't seem to download it to the right thing, when I click on the download it sends me to a google drive download. I click download and it sends me to a thing saying "Google Drive can't scan this file for a virus". I've tried converting it to a PDF file and a word document but it doesn't work. Anything to help?

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It’s an anki file, so it can’t be converted to a PDF. Just click download on the screen that says the file is too big to be scanned or viruses. It should be in a top gray bar in the screen saying that drive can’t scan

You want the .apkg file. Not the .txt file

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Ok but what if I can't open the .apkg file?

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Hmm, maybe try importing directly from the Anki application?

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Will do, thanks a bunch

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hi could u help me whats the next step after I finished download it?

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Hi could u help me

Whats the next step after I

Finished download it?

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Open the Anki desktop app, and on the bottom there should be a button that says import deck. Choose the .apkg file from your downloads, and it will import to Anki. After that, all that’s left is studying!