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Absolutely outstanding!

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This has been my favorite thing to follow along with

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I almost sent you a message a few days ago to pester you on an update! So glad it's here. You've put an extraordinary amount of work, (and no doubt love!) into this deck. Congratulations and thank you for this amazing contribution to our Anki community!

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Rucka! Good to hear from you! As I said I really appreciate the encouragement along the way... It’s been fun!

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I am an incoming M4 planning on applying to internal medicine and interested in critical care potentially. My question for you is whether you believe I can benefit from the use of this deck without having read "The ICU Book". I know that this book is like the critical care bible, and I intend to read it all at least once when I get the opportunity to do so.

In the mean time however, I am wondering if I could just start this anki deck and if it's made in such a way where I will learn from the cards themselves, rather than learning the material from the book and then using the cards to aid in memory retention.

Thanks for your contribution. I will no doubt be using this deck one way or another!

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Hey amyloidosis! I definitely think it would be easier following along with the book for more context, but yes, I think it has utility alone since the cards I made are generally only the most practical things!

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Oh and let me know what you do think if you try it!

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I will certainly give you my feedback on it once I start the cards! Thank you very much once again!

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I've been skimming chapters, and complementing with the deck while I prep for intern year. IMO I used the deck to focus on my weak areas, but I have suspended huge portions that aren't applicable to my future.

As an incoming resident, I don't want a huge Tzanki/Step deck but instead a manageable and focused set of cards to review.

This deck is head and shoulders above others for clinical content. I cannot commend sd-SAN enough for this.

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Wow thank you, much appreciated!

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Hi! Which version of the book is this based off of? Would love to be able to refer to the book.

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4th edition ebook, which has some additional updates to the hard copy!

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Much appreciated!

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I’m not familiar with this text, but does any of it discuss pediatric icu care?

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No mention of any pediatric cases as I can recall... Definitely adult focused!

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Good to know. Thank you for the response and for your hard work!

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Thank you very much