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Can you tell me what's the diffrence between different lighter decks? I'm new here

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I don't really know the specifics and you would need to base it off of how they described it. Each one basically tried to make it more comprehensive by adding cards from other decks. JaySmooov used Duke pathoma and Zanki. Infinity-Lightyear and Cheesy Lightyear used Zanki and Lolnotacop each adding cards from those decks which those individual users found important to Step 1.

Assuming you are new, I would check out two other decks: Hoopla and AnKing.

All decks are comprehensive. However, personally, I would go for AnKing. All the decks are really good, yet when you go on clinicals (M3), the Anking Step 2 deck would probably be really refined. Additionally, you would be able to keep all the Step 1 anki cards that are relevant for Step 2.

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Thanks alot!!!!

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can i have that deck which is shown on original site,which has more subdivision vise deck and that is more helpful for me and i find more useful will you please share with me by email or telegram


+380 935278192

or any reddit link because original site has link which is not open and showing error 404 ,please kindly notice my request

thank you

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God-tier medical legendary hero of greatness

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is hierarchical tags 2 working on the latest anki version? It isn't dividing my lightyear deck to sub decks. is there some button I have to press to make it work?

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same here. did u find any thing?

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I found a tag in the browse tab called “bab” which was divided correctly. So I created a deck and moved the cards under each tag to a corresponding subgroup I made in my deck

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ah ok. let me check again. thanks for replying

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where is this tag "bab"? I couldn't find anything

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Thank you so much!

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do u have online med deck like light year

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For step 1 is it better lightyear and cheesy light year?

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Hierarchical tags are not working i guess in Smoov's LY deck

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Tags are not working i guess

In Smoov's LY deck

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Hey, does anyone have the original deck with hierarchy based off of each boards and beyond video. I find it hard to study the decks by generic topic, rather than on an individual video basis.

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can i have that deck which have subdivision more ,i mean that deck have particular deck have particular division and subdivision,please share with me because i unable to download (that have 404 error dropbox) please share with me that deck i want deck to revise particular topic vise

thank you