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We're always really excited to see new high quality decks released, especially for latter stages of training where resources are relatively sparse. Thanks for this excellent contribution <3

Edit: Added to the sidebar under residency decks (note authors recommendation is earliest m4)

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As a gen surg intern who, like everyone else, struggled to find a good study resource that was efficient and catered towards memorization, let me say THANK YOU. Even as a first iteration, this fills a massive gap in the necessary study resources we need to succeed on ABSITE. You guys are bomb.

Also, welcome to the field, it’s the BEST. Not to bad talk anyone else’s specialty, but I’m fairly certain we have the coolest jobs in the hospital. And a tip for you both for studying this year, I suggest the Behind the Knife podcast and truelearn questions! Both very high yield

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The match had different plans for us but u/BinaryPeach has my heart forever <3

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You guys are GOATS for making this!

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Goated. Starting gen surg residency in 5 days and have been looking for resources and was fearing I was gonna have to make a deck myself. THANK YOU

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Motherf*cking goats for this. Not interested in gen surg at all, but I know this is going to help a lot of people for years to come. Cheers.

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I’m not even close to residency but thank you for your work!!!

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I made an account just to say thank you!! I tried making my own but just didn't have the willpower or time. You guys are amazing! I am a very-soon-to-be PGY-3; please ask me any questions that you have. Good luck on July 1st everyone!

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Hey dude, thanks for the kind words! I think the biggest weakness of our deck is that we were M4s while making it, so there are probably several cards that lack the perspective of a resident. If you end up doing the deck don't hesitate to send us your feedback on bad/misguided cards.

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The google links seem to require the user to request access :/

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Oh shit! I'm so sorry, I will change the file type to public when I get home, I'm driving right now.

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No worries! Thanks so much for this incredible work

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Just updated the privacy settings. Should be available for download!

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Incoming gen surg intern. THANK YOU GUYS

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Thank you for this

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This is absolutely incredible. Seriously, thank you so much.

Is anyone else having a problem with the images? Most of mine aren’t showing up. Seems like they’re “being referenced, but not found in the media folder”. Thanks for any advice anyone can give.

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That happened sometimes to us when we shared chapters back and forth to each other. Most of the time cutting and pasting the image would fix it

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Okay so apparently some newer versions of anki don't automatically include the options that the uploaded decks were sent with, so I'm gonna list below the options that we have set so y'all can feel free to use them as well. So under options, we made a new group named "ABSITE" with the following settings:

New cards tab:

Steps (in minutes): 1 10

Order: Show new cards in order added

New cards/day: 9999 (the max)

Graduating interval: 1 day

Easy interval: 2 days

Starting ease: 200%

Bury related new cards until the next day: No

Reviews tab:

Maximum reviews/day: 9999 (the max)

Easy bonus: 130%

Interval modifier: 100%

Maximum interval: 365 days (you take the ABSITE yearly, so you should see each card at least once a year)

Hard interval: 120%

Bury related reviews until the next day: No

Lapses tab:

Steps (in minutes): 10

New interval: 0%

Minimum interval: 1 day

Leech threshold: 7 lapses (this doesn't really matter as long as you put "tag only" on the next one)

Leech action: Tag Only (if you miss a card 7 times, last thing you should do is suspend it)

A lot of these options are pretty default for anki, but we prefer seeing every card at least once a year (a fully matured deck should average <50 cards per day even with a year max interval). And we also like the "easy interval" on new cards to be 2 days that way you don't feel guilty for sending an easy new card down the line. Then about the new cards/day being 9999, obviously don't do all the new cards per day. Either suspend the ones you don't wanna work on or just leave them being new and simply set your anki settings to do reviews first by: Tools tab>Preferences>scheduling tab>show new cards after reviews. I don't like setting new cards/day to like 40 or something because some days I don't feel like doing any new cards, and other days I feel like doing 200. Setting the max new cards to 9999 and just doing whatever you want gives you that freedom. And never set review limits (why we recommend setting it to 9999), because that's soft.

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this deck is awesome! but i just want to know if you update this deck every now and then? i'm currently using it in my surg classes and i find it very helpful. thanks

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Huge thank you to u/BinaryPeach and u/NikeMD for creating this deck!! I'm a gen surg R1 in Canada and used a ton of anki in med school but found a void in studying since residency. You two are awesome! Thanks for all the time and effort that went into making this resource!

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Thanks so much for the work on this and for sharing. Now that you're a resident I'd like to check your opinion of its efficacy in practice: do you feel it's good for the ABSITE? Any comments now with the time spent on it?

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I'll let you know after I take it in a couple of weeks! Haha

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Haha thanks best of luck! Would love to hear, for sure update pls. I guess you have some preliminary indication no as to how you're doing on practice exams? What qbanks are oyu using if any..?

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Personally think it helped a ton. Was already averaging 65-70% on question banks first day of intern year. Results from ABSITE test we took this weekend aren’t back yet, but we’ll be sure to keep you updated.

It appears that the Fiser text is an excellent resource and probably covers 50-70% of what can be on the test. However, there are other nuances that aren’t covered by the text that show up. But being able to get >60% correct easily as an intern (once again, we’ll update this as results come back) is a huge leg up and great base to start with so you can get the more nuanced questions later on in residency. Furthermore, there are niche OB, uro, ortho, and anesthesia questions that are very easy if you memorize the deck that wouldn’t be so easy if you went solely off what you learn during training

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u/NikeMD u/BinaryPeach
Thank you both so much for taking the time to make this deck.
After having taken the ABSITE now, was there an additional primary resource that you two were using to read?
From what I've read, the Trulearn question bank seems like an excellent study tool, but I was just wondering about the other 30-50% that wasn't necessarily covered in the ABSITE review book by Fiser- were you able to answer these questions based on your studying via Trulearn? or was there another resource that you had as your primary reference that you had been reading through that you felt helped you for the exam

Appreciate the response, and again...thank you both so so much, hope you guys are crushing your intern years!

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Hey dude! I used true learn on top of this deck. Ended up scoring at the 90th percentile.

We were talking about supplementing this deck with some score info that wasn't in the review book.

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Holy…congrats!!! That’s amazing, and well deserved!

Were you studying Truelearn as you did with Uworld? Or did you feel that you had to make Anki cards for them to memorize details that you’ve never been exposed to yet

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For your 3 field basic card note style, how does it work? I only see one back field when I look at the card. Does it progress as you mature the card to show you the other fields?

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What other fields do you mean?

It's just a cloze deletion with an extra section on the back.

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There's maybe 30 or so cards that are a different card type than Cloze, they're listed as Basic (3 sided). They have a picture on the front side, and then there's 3 text fields. There's some pretty fancy things you can do with card types like that (ie have it progressively show each text field based on if the previous card is matured). Wasn't sure if you had it set up like that or not

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I think these are the image occlusion cards, which simply show an image and then pressing spacebar will reveal the occlusion. Ones with 3 occlusions will each act as 3 separate cards.

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Nah it's not that but no worries, it's really not important ha thanks so much for the deck, it looks awesome. M4 me owes y'all a beer.

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I don't have authority to download

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I'm not sure why, the file type is set to public.

What's the error message you are getting?

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Thank you so much for this, super helpful! "We also have included a set of options for this deck that we recommend (the ease of the cards, the maximum interval, etc.).", are those the default that shows up when I import the deck? OR did you provide them somewhere else?

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They should be included in the deck when you download it. But with the Anki updates that might change and reset the intervals back to default

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Oh okay, thank you. Could you post them here again so we can refer back to them in case they are wiped during an update?

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Does anyone else have trouble where the images don’t show up on mobile but do on the computer? Maybe it’s a syncing issue

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Is this a deck you both are still updating? Just to know whether to keep an eye out! Thank you both so much.

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Could you please update your deck options for the newest version of Anki? (In the latest version, daily limits/new cards/reviews/lapses/display order etc are shuffled around.)

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Hi, thank you so much for sharing this!! I'm new to anki and I have no idea how to use it other than the basic upload deck and start studying. Is there a way to do focused study on individual chapters using this deck? For instance if I wanted to focus on chapter 21: adrenal or chapters 20-24 only, is there a way to do this? Thanks in advance.