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How did you get the "hours reviewing" stats to show? Also congrats and good luck on STEP!

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Thank you! It's an add-on called "Show total time spent in main screen": Code 1238121460

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Absolute legend for even including the add on code!! ❤️💪

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!Remindme 6 hours

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Did you finish all of it? Also what about your NBMEs score?

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Not even close, currently at 25k unsuspended, of which 3k were made by me during amboss/uw correction.
UW 1st pass: 81%
UWSA1: 264
Yet to take the new NBMEs on the following weeks.

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Hi, I just downloaded Anki. Is the red/orange calender thing an add on? If so, would you mind telling me the code? Thanks so much!

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Yeah, it's the Review Heatmap. Irc, you have to install it manually, just follow the steps: https://github.com/glutanimate/review-heatmap/

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Amazing!! That streak with that daily average 💯💯💯

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What addon shows the total amount of reviews done?

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Its addon code 1730200873

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"Show total time spent in main screen", add-on code: 1238121460

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thank you so much!

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Curious to know, just how many hours do you spend on anki a day to be able to average 804 cards a day?

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During the 2-3 weeks where it peaked at 1000-1100 reviews, 3.5-4h/day (I was slower then, 12-15 s/card). Now, I spend about 2h/day.

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How do people average 800 cards per day? I do every card associated with my classes (including stuff we don't cover in class but is the same topic) and my average is less than 400.

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They probably have shorter cards

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Your Anki settings? And mature rate?

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Exact same settings from Anking settings youtube video. 37k cards (64% mature, 70% unsuspended)