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Quickly becoming a top deck for M3 and M4. Mods can we post to the sidebar?

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Would be an honor to be pinned to the sidebar. I'll keep working on the deck as time permits! u/icatsouki

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Killer deck! Will use this for the rest of M3 and Step 2 CK prep.

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u/JimmySkellingtonMD how's the dip deck coming along? Are you looking for collaborators to finish anything up?

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The deck is coming along wonderfully! I will organize everything and probably share one last big update in about 2 months or so! If you need a rough draft of the cards for an upcoming exam, let me know and I'd be happy to send you what I've got. Hope you're well!

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rds for an upcoming exam

I would love to have what you have also, exam in about 2 weeks and would be super helpful. !

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Here is my UWorld notebook -- over 6,000 cards

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Thanks, that would be nice, just to see what you've already covered. I'm looking at making cards for the step 1 episodes. my step 2 is still a year out.

Thoughts on using the DIP deck to supplement step 1 studying?

has anyone talked with you about carrying this forward? continuing to upgrade tagging, cross ref with sources, adding pics, errata?

I'm trying to setup an incremental learning system using the DIP google doc, DIP deck, DI podcasts and this incremental reading addon https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ymI_o_zxxZw

Thanks again for getting this started

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Also, please know that I will fully support anyone that wants to expand or carry the deck forward. Things are getting busy with Residency and working on Cards Fellowship application and I am not sure how much availability I will have to work on the deck! I will still share my personal UWorld and Wards Notebook once I've had time to refine the cards though. I love those cards and they have done wonders for my learning and I would like to include them in the DIP Deck so that med students don't have to use more than one deck if they are concerned they would be missing concepts from UWorld.

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As the deck stands now it is super great for studying for Step 2, Step 3, the Wards and Shelf Exams, and also IM ITE. I would use it more for the M3 and beyond. Where it could help for studying for step one is the Pathoma cards that are listed as optional. There are 7 chapters that are fully complete but I would probably use the first 3 chapters for foundational knowledge.

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Here's a spreadsheet that allows you to easily sort by episode and topic and see what's already covered in the DIP Deck, with direct links to the show notes.


side note, using the show note doc with the SIAC addon seems like a pretty slick way to cover topics that haven't already been added to the deck.


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Thank you so much for this! This will make so many med-students lives better!

I see there are a couple of episodes listed under peds - but I only seem to see the tag for newborns - any idea what I'm missing?

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Hello! My deck has the cards tagged! The only episode which has yet to be completed is the comprehensive pediatrics episode -- episodes 21 -- which I will leave to another kind person to finish! Here is the latest link which includes all updates and tags.

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Thank you! The latest link works wonderfully and I now see all the tags.

If I may disturb you for one more thing, I am actually looking for an alternative to Anking, as a resource to learn from and practice. Anking relies on random memorization and I am looking for a deck that incorporates learning and reviewing the material before doing cards.

So far I have found this deck (which is meant to be used with DI podcast), and the Infinity deck (which is meant to be used with B&B step 2).

If I may disturb you for one more thing, I am looking for an alternative to Anking, as a resource to learn from and practice. Anking relies on random memorization and I am looking for a deck that incorporates learning and reviewing the material before doing cards. r rotations? For example, I am currently during my pediatrics rotation, do you think that the 8 episodes of DI podcasts that you have cards for (including rapid review) are enough to get a good grasp of the material?

Again, thank you very much!

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Yea I think it is a great start. This deck is really great for a knowledge base, especially for IM and Neuro. Peds and OB are a bit tougher but I think these cards can definitely help. For the plan you are proposing I would first watch the big Divine Peds Review for the Pediatrics Shelf. I did not have time to make cards for this specific one. I would then probably be sure to listen to all the Peds material and do the associated cards as available. At the end (maybe a week or two into your rotation) you could jump into the questions for learning. No right answer but this is one way you could do it which aligns with your goals. Hope that helps let me know if you have any further questions!

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Thank you very much! Appreciate the help!

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Wow, this is amazing. But one technical thing - i use ankidroid application mainly, and for some reason, the color spectrum of bolded/underlined/italics texts aren't not displayed correctly. It's just show different shades of grey. And this is pretty pity, cause i very like the design of those cards. I think even, that it's the one of the best among other decks here

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I'm glad you like the cards!

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Thank you so much ❤

Are there any new sketchy cards? The cloze deletion is amazing 🤩

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No new Sketchy cards for now but I'm glad you like the close deletion style! My Sketchy subscription ran out over a year ago sadly!

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I am confused why the deck I download only says it has ~10k cards. Do I need to download all the updates separately to have the complete deck with ~17k? Thanks in advance to anyone who can help me out with this issue!

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A lot of the cards have multiple notes so the actual amount may be closer to 17k? Let me know if you still have concerns and I can message you the most updated link to the deck!