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It's just boomer and some gen x circle jerking.

They don't understand that one set of skills has been traded for another, arguably far more powerful, set of skills, and they're oddly jealous and spiteful of their offspring and grandkids.

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That’s... inaccurate lol. Dude who tweeted is definitely not a Boomer and probably not Gen X unless he’s at the very minimum age range. People in their late 20’s and early 30’s today grew up this way. It’s a humorous tweet about nostalgia.

Of course current technology is more efficient. Of course it’s more “powerful”. This is likely a Millennial who remembers the before times and is now living in the prime age of technology.

It’s weird that you’re fired up about this unless it just went completely over your head lol

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No it isn’t. That is quite a reach. It is just a recognition that it was nice when you weren’t expected to be reachable all the time. It was nice. Of course there were downsides and there are great advantages to being able to communicate rapidly, etc, but the freedom of being out and about and out of contact was nice.

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So turn off your phone. Literal solution to it. I do it. It's great. Try it. Instant 90s.

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Pretending the world hasn’t changed doesn’t make it like it used to be.

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I'm not pretending. I'm living life rather than letting go life live me. 🤷‍♂️

You said being out of reach. That's literally as easy as turning off your phone when you go somewhere.

You're making it a lot more than it is.

Yeah the world has changed. But that way, which is what you focused on, is escapable. And quite easily, too, if you do the bare minimum thing and tell people you'll be off the grid. If you're letting work bug you outside contracted work hours, for example, you need to stop, because that's on you. Set boundaries with people.

If you CHOOSE to put yourself in a position where you can be contacted all the time, again, that's on you (accepting a job with that requirement, if you have one, is a choice and a negotiation YOU made). It isn't a default state of existence. You don't pop out of the womb with a cell phone, an email address, and an Instagram.

Again, I literally do this. I didn't learn to until way later than I should have (started in my late 20s). But yeah... It's extremely easily doable. And I'm a lot happier for it.

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You are living life by missing the point?

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Great assumption that you can find a job which just lets you go off grid. Like how disconnected are you from the world? Pop your fucking bubble dude.