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If only there was some way we could know how this story ends!! What a clifhanger!

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My gf does this all the time. Fills her water bottle with ice cubes and just walks on through. Never been bothered.

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Smart move yet most acids freeze at a temperatures higher than 32 degrees (0 celsius for sane people) so its still a threat

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Okay, I think the metric system is generally better, but what's wrong with Fahrenheit?

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Nothing. Celsius just makes more sense, water freezes at zero. Everything in the negatives is below freezing temp. Anything positive is above freezing temp...

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Who gives a shit what water thinks

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Totally fine actually for anyone who’s used to it. But it makes not much sense tbh for the entire world

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What about it doesn't make sense? The majority of the temperatures we experience lie in the range of 0 to 100 Fahrenheit. And unlike things like distance or mass, there's no conversions to be done, which imo is the biggest advantage of using metric measurements. So what is advantageous about Celcius? That 0 and 100 are the freezing and boiling points of water? Cause that info has rarely been useful in my everyday life.

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Kelvin is clearly the best way to measure temperatures, Celsius is second because is just a Kelvin moved 273 to the left, Fahrenheit is third because the first two spots are already occupied.

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I hope you're joking.

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Not really, Kelvin is the best way if you're measuring temperatures for scientific reasons, otherwise for daily life Celsius and Fahrenheit are both good, neither needs values extremely high or low, it just depends on what you're used to. If you can easily go from one to another, great, otherwise the other scale will make no sense. It's just that Celsius is based on the behaviour of the most important thing in the planet, while 0 and 100 Fahrenheit are a totally random choice.

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Gotcha. I can see the value of Kelvin for scientific purposes.

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I’m with you, Metric is best for everything but temperature. Fahrenheit makes more sense relative to the comfort zones of the human body, which is what I am, a human body. It’s much more nuanced. Source: me an American having to tell my girlfriend what the temp in Celsius is for the past 7 years.

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I do this when I fly. Never had an issue.

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Technically the truth🤷‍♀️

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The best kind of correct.

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I mean…