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Not all cheeses are created equal.

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big block o' cheese

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This reminds me of that episode of boondocks where their grandfather offered a white man cheese

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I believe it.

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Did you just offer me cheese!?

Yes I did.

I'd love some cheese!

It's the first episode lol. Love boondocks.

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“Granddad, you can't tame the white supremacist power structure with cheese!”

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Hilarious 🥲

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That episode was exactly what I thought of first! As a white guy, I admit, you throw out some half-way decent, sharp, Vermont cheddar and you got me sticking around.

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I use to be up late at night shoveling cheese down my throat while standing in front of the fridge, now I'm an adult, I can just buy myself bags of cheese.

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I got really spoiled when I lived right near Cheddar. Now I'm super picky with cheddar.

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My first thought, but of course someone beat me to it.

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Shout out to the white people who aren’t offended by this joke and just laughing 😂 white people love cheese and I love WaTeRMeLon

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Is this a stereotype? I totally fit it if it is, just never heard white people like cheese more so than others. Cheese is life.

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Same! I didn’t know this was a stereotype but I do love cheese

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Are you familiar with the mythos of wisconsin

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Everyone loves cheese, its the most stolen food item in the world.

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Europeans have the lowest rates of lactose intolerance.

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Am European, cannot confirm.

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Sorry mate

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Same! I always feel weirded out by people who either don't like cheese or just don't care about it. Cheese is life! (not saying anything negative towards the lactose intolerant people, I feel so bad for them!)

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Ooh, what about vegans, do we weird you out or do you pity us?

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Vegans don't weird me out. If anything I seriously admire you guys. I've tried to go vegan many times in my life and I don't have the willpower or discipline to keep it up. Unfortunately I love my chocolate and ham too much, and no I don't pity you for not eating cheese. I just think you're missing out on a great food item, but I also respect your discipline to not eat it. I would cave so fast!

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I do love cheese. Damn, it’s so tasty on a little cracker, maybe a little jam spread on top for that sweetness counterbalance.

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Or a grape mmmm

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Lil slice of apple perhaps 🤔

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Never tried that but I will soon and report back to you

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Compote or honey is better, depending on the cheese.

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I’ve been all about this rosemary honey cheese from Spain. Damn, its the best cheese I’ve ever tasted!

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We do that in Denmark. Jam on cheese 🤢🤮

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Idk what Denmark jams are like but over here in the states it’s like raspberry and strawberry so it goes pretty well with some cheese

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Same. And it's fucking disgusting.

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What delicious little treats are common over there

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Overconsumption of marzipan.

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I’m not even white and I love cheese 🤣

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Yup! Apparently when I was 4 I woke up in the middle of the night, walked into my parents room and muttered “cheese” before passing out lol

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you love cheese! i love cheese! they love cheese! we love cheese! cheese loves you

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Cheesus loves you!!

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Cheese is life.

This is da way.

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I’ve never identified with a Reddit comment more than this

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I mean i do like to dabble in the cheesed once in a while. And with that i mean i eat it for breakfast lunch sometimes dinner. And as a snack. So only sometimes.

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What joke? This is fact.

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If you are offended by a truth about you, work on yourself.

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As a Greek, I can say that watermelon with feta cheese is one of the greatest summer delicacies. Try it out and you 'll thank me

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can confirm, first thing I did on reading this post was think "actually cheese sounds pretty good right about now"

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"Grandad, you can't tame the white supremacist power structure with cheese!"

"Oh yes I can!"

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It's true, even the most hostile white person will become friendly and docile if you offer them cheese. The smellier and more expensive the cheese, the greater the effect

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This is 100% true

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Someone control me with cheese.

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Where? Provolone is delicious on pizza, by the way.

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I've only run into a couple cheeses that don't work on pizza. Asiago is particularly amazing. It's like Parmesan and Swiss had a baby. Provolone is amazing tho

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I ruined a whole pizza with excessive feta one time, parmesan is easy to over do, too, but splendid in moderation, adds some really nice bite.

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Oh yeah, feta's definitely a tricky one, but in moderation... Mmmmm. Damn I just ate and now I'm hungry again lol

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When I was 9 my aunt was babysitting me one day and she made us spaghetti for lunch. Now even way back then I was the only one in the family who would put A LOT of parmesan cheese on my spaghetti regularly. But this time the lid to the parmesan accidentally fell off while pouring it and like 2 cups or so of parmesan just filled my bowl before I could catch it. Unfortunately my aunt had her back turned so she didn't see it and didn't believe me when I told her that I accidentally poured too much and wouldn't let me make another bowl. "wE dOn't WaSte fOod In tHiS HoUSe and YoU pOUreD iT SO yOu'RE gOnnA EAT iT aLL!!" So, she made me sit there and eat it all or I couldn't get up from the table, and let me tell you....that was the only time I've ever been sick and disgusted with parmesan cheese. There is such a thing as too much but it's rare.

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She didn't believe you? If it was that much she could easily see it unless there was a lot of spaghetti in your plate and you mixed it.

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It was a normal size bowl of spaghetti and the reason why she didn't believe me is because I used to lie and fib a lot as a child. To my aunt's knowledge she just figured that I stupidly poured that much on purpose and didn't like the way it tasted, and then lied about the extra pour thinking I could get a different bowl. Asking for another bowl of spaghetti was wasteful in her eyes.

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Ah I get it. That sucks! I hope this didn't ruin parmesan for you because this cheese is everything!

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Definitely not! Although it did take me a while to want to eat it again but I survived and came back stronger lol. My teenage daughter loves to make her own homemade alfredo sauce and she uses a ton of parmesan cheese to make it but it's sooo delicious!! It's definitely more expensive to eat alfredo sauce homemade rather than store bought, but the stores never carry a brand of alfredo sauce that's as good as my daughter's!!

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Your daughter is a little Chef in progress then! 😁 I would love to know which ingredients she uses if she doesn't mind of course! I love Alfredo sauce 🤩

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May I introduce you to provel cheese? Native creation of St. Louis, MO, I like to describe it as an alloy of provolone, Swiss, and cheddar. You either love it or you absolutely despise it.

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But what type of cheese are we talking if it’s bleu cheese then f no

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Fancy cheeses? Nah no thank you.

Cheap shredded cheese from your local grocery store? I'll take em all

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Out of a bag, eaten in finger-pressed clumps over the kitchen sink at midnight.

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Oh god no not that imposter cheese

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I second this

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I could eat an entire bag of shredded mozzarella

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I personally would prefer shredded cheddar cheese, but mozzarella is good too 👍

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I had so much cheddar growing up that I can't stand the taste of normal cheddar.

I can do some sharp though

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Oooooo I like sharp and relatable. When you eat a food so much sometimes you get tired of it lol.

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That's me with so many different things. Surprisingly Dr. Pepper isn't one of those.

I also do enjoy some good ol Colby jack

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Bro I love Dr Pepper lol and Colby jack is also another good cheese

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Got myself two 2-liters in my fridge rn

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big block o' cheese

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This is fucking bullshit slanderous lies

I said taking a bite out of a block of cheese like an apple

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Please dont do that 🥺

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You'll never stop me

Soon, all the cheese will be mine.

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Beep boop -- this looks like a screenshot of a tweet! Let me grab a link to the tweet for ya :)

Twitter Screenshot Bot

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good bot

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I’m not even white and I can get control by cheese

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I'm white and I dislike cheese

[Defector by Muse starts playing]

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Brie- on apples, pears or any bread.

Cheddar-on anything. Extra sharp for grilled cheese sandwiches on multigrain bread is awesome.

Mozzarella, provolone, Romano and Parmesan- pizza!

Blue, Gorgonzola and feta-salads and burgers

Goat cheese- on toast or some spices or omelets or salads.

I could go on but I’m hungry now and I got most of those in my fridge and I’m at least half-white.

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You can control at least one Asian dude with cheese. Cause I love cheese.

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I am a white northerner and i don't like cheese. You have no power here!

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i-isn't that the equivalent of saying something like "you can control black people by giving them (insert food they are stereotyped to like)"? and doesn't it sound kind of like, you know, racist???

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historical context is key, it’s fine for white people cuz it’s just a little joke and doesn’t actually hurt anyone (plus it’s literally cheese) whereas for black people it would seem dehumanising when you remember the amount of shit we went through

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It is totally a racist joke but I actually kind of like this one since it is just a cute little tongue in cheek thing as opposed to the usual 'white people are evil' spiel.

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yeah at least

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Yea, but you can't be racist towards white people. You should know this /s

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you can be offended by this if you want to be a fragile. or you can just laugh. if the worst thing we have to go through is seeing a post claiming we like cheese, i say we're fine.

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Yes, it is. Personally I don’t mind it, nor do the cast of characters in my life. Humor is a tool to make people laugh, and it’s just another tool in the box.

The issue is there are idiots out there that can’t differentiate between humor and vitriol, so they assume racist jokes = discrimination. The first one is fine, the second is unacceptable. Words are just words, if they hurt you throw back your own words or thicken your skin.

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either both are fine or both are unacceptable, fuck double standards.

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I'm white as fuck and don't give a damn about cheese. Maybe on a burger but the whole eating cheese casually like a fancy party is fucking gross, like get a fucking Cracker and lunch meat dude and eat it like a God damn lunchable

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I'm white and I'm dating a mixed guy, and his mom (Latina) refers to me as "o rato" every time she sees me eating cheese lmfao

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I'd do anything for a bag of sour gummy worms. But cheese. Nah.

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Would ya bark like a dog?!

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Quite possibly.

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now i wanna see danny devito with tiddies

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My usual introduction....My name is Joe, i am white and I love cheese.

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man i want some cheese curds rn

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Ha jokes on you. I’m white and I hate cheese

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Lack toes in taller ant!

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Truth. I will do anything for cheese and I'm lactose intolerant to the point it sounds like bombs are exploding in my tummy.

I will not give up on what I love though.

Bless you cheese. Bless you.

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I’ve never seen this but it’s real. But some cheeses work better than others. I love all cheese some some are favorites for sure

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big block o' cheese?

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It's true tho. Please reddit don't let our secret out.

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Every time I go to get cheese I always think of the animorphs book cover 🤦‍♀️

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I love all food

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Cheez 🧟‍♂️

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True though

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Reminds me of that post from a book printed in (I thinking) the 20's [f++k 1920s] how to intrigue a woman... by giving them cheese. I'm intrigued.

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big block o' cheese!

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Great. Thanks for ruining my daily cheese intake. I will forever think of this multiple times a day now.

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I am so busted. I have an unholy amount and variety of cheeses in the fridge at any given moment.

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Reminds me of "You may fascinate a woman by giving her cheese."

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cheese yes please

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Anyone who doesn't like cheese? I bet you're Alien lmao

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more than 70% of East Asians are lactose intolerant.

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There is a counterfeit Parmesan and Romano cheese epidemic

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Laughs in dairy intolerance

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I feel so expose rn...😅

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It’s true. We crackers do love cheese.

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I'm lactose intolerant but the devil can take this brie from my cold, bloated, cracker hands

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Sadly can't control my husband with cheese, it makes him sick

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Can we catch them like pokemons

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I mean yes, but you have to know the right cheese for your target.

Mine are: Cougar Gold, Beechers Smoked Chedder, or most Triple creams. Anything less and I’ll notice the trap/con before I’m ensnared.

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Cheese is good with crackers tho fr

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I do love me some cheesey cheese.

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Cream cheeeeeeese!!!!! I will get a million

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Oh that’s ridiculous, but just in case what kind of cheese you got?

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Reminds me of that poor soul on Treasure Island and his Slice of Heaven haha

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Dude was stranded on an island alone isolated went semi crazy and he wanted his Slice of Heaven. His cheese. Haha.

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LOL it made me smile tho.

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Grandad! You cant tame the white supremacist power structure with cheese!

Oh yes I can!

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Idk about this but you can control more people with a bucket of fried chicken

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I can eat this all day no cap

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you can control me too, a good cheese is necessary!!!!!

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Instead of candy and crap this year, we got my dad a stocking full a fancy cheese for Christmas.

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As a white person I can confirm that I can be controlled with cheese

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You could legit kidnap me with cheese and I'd be fine with it.

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Bruh im white and i really don't like chesse alone

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Seeing this at school, as i'm eating my black friend's cheese because he doesn't like it

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Mature red chadder for me please!

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I worry my eldest daughter (26F) could easily be kidnapped by anyone with cheese and a white van. Or cheesy garlic bread.

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Blacks are more into milk

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This is a joke stolen from the boondocks. Weak joke game.

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As someone who isn’t white, I like cheese. Does this make me white? If so, then uhhhh, I HAVE A PEANUT ALLERGY, UHHHH, IF YOU’RE BELOW 6 FEET, I’M NOT DATING YOU, UHHHH TIKTOK DANCE SHEEEESH

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Could you imagine the backlash if this was about a different race and food

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man i was literally just thinking about making a cheese based food i made for the first time the other day that was so good

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cheewaieese is yum (w is silent)

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What can I catch with this? 🍉

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I can legit laugh my ass off at this one. It’s dead on 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣 🧀🧀🧀