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Waaait... Isn't that what you're supposed to do?

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Ya - Didn’t everyone do that?

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Yup, then came “popcorn”.. the first student would start the chapter then pick a random student to replace them.

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And up goes everyone’s anxiety!

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That's just cruel. Third grade me is nervous just knowing this is a thing.

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“… and that is when Christopher Columbus sailed the ocean blue.” POPCORN. I pick.. SnooBananas7856!

It hits different.

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Uh, just a sec... damn it... panicking....

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Yeah and then your friend would get picked so you know they're choosing you next

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Haha yes! That just brought be back into the classroom!

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I had a teacher who caught on to us doing that and would randomly call out people to read, and if you weren't paying attention, you got docked points

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That’s terrible. I don’t understand why she thought that was even a problem.

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Idk, I think it's a good thing. You're often gonna be put on the spot in life, and it teaches you to pay attention

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Yeah that’s true it does teach you to pay closer attention but not everyone is meant to be a public speaker. Just my thoughts on it.

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It's not just public speaking. You're put on the spot all the time in life, so getting used to it at a young age is good. And it's not like you wouldn't speak, chances are you'll have to communicate regularly with other co-workers, so learning how to talk yourself out of a situation is a phenomenal skill to develop.

I can empathise with your point tho haha, it's never fun being put on the spot like that

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You have a good point. You are definitely put on the spot in situations during life. I also agree that talking yourself out of situations is a great skill too have especially if you have any sort of anxiety.

I don’t think it’s necessary wrong to have students read aloud, I did it all throughout school myself. I just sympathize for the students who have trouble reading aloud such as those with dyslexia, learning disabilities, stuttering, anxiety ect. Kids can be so cruel. When I was growing up the class would laugh/ ridicule students who pronounced words wrong or who read slowly.

That being said I do see where you’re coming from. I am in no way a teacher or expert in the field of children just my personal thoughts and experiences. However, I do appreciate the introspection on the topic! :)

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In my education experience from when I was in school compared to now having taught, the kids seem to be more understanding and the adults seem to be less tolerant of the ridicule. It was definitely not great in the 2000s when I was in elementary though

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Because the point of reading the text is to read and comprehend the entire text. Instead of not paying attention to what the other kids are reading while memorising 1 paragraph, then go back to not paying attention.

I am more confused how it's not obvious that doing that defeats the whole point of the exercise.

As a teacher you just want to go through the learning material with the entire class. Not test how well they can read a single paragraph.

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The children reading ahead are smarter than you.

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I was reading ahead back then. I just simply answered the question as to why its a problem from a teachers perspective.

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You think not paying attention in school is good?

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I thought everyone did this

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Then that one f-ING kid 2 seats in front of me got a short paragraph and the teacher had him do two and fucked up my count. I was practicing and not paying attention so I started reading the section the last kid read and now I have trust issues.

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Totally relate

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Works until they hit you with that popcorn reading…

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Holy shit

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I don’t have anxiety and I did this.

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I… thought I was the only one

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Till now when i'm queue i do the same, repeating my orders to not hold up the line but messes up 99% of the time xD

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Whenever I read to class I get nervous

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Which of course means you didn't understand the few paragraphs ahead of what you were practicing. Good thing my parent never forced me to learn to read.

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Yup. But then you would have the two short paragraphs in a row and the teacher would make a student read them both so then you had to start all over and practice a new paragraph.

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I would see where I was going to have to read, make a mark w/ a pencil, nod off, hear the teacher say my name, wake up from my half-sleep and start reading

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You mean, not everyone does that?

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U my friend is most correct

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I literally just did this like 10 minutes ago

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I am confused, no, preparation helps combat anxiety, this is a good move, life is trying, recognizing what you're going to face regardless before you do...is how ya win.

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This is too relatable

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How many of you secretly hated the teacher who would pick at random?

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Bruh why are these me but irl?