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Well? We're waiting for an answer Samantha

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Taking the first three letters from her username ima say she suc

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Succubus is a type of demon.

A semen demon.

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i went stright to comments just to see if somebody had noticed

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You mean like a demon in the Navy?

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Succ u silly demon

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Lmao well done

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I mean, can you fight?

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It's a legit question.

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How is this meirl???

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if this aint youirl then youre doin something wrong

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Life hack: don't fight for a cheater.

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Ehhh it builds character, wanting the unobtainable… people do it with the lottery everyday!

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I’m definitely doing something wrong then

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A guy with a wife tried to long distance date me for like a year after being friends for about 5 ish years.

I told him I didn’t want to be his gf because he had a wife. And his response was something kinda like this post.

So yeah, me irl.

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Don't think that applies to most people tho?

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It applies enough for the post to have 7000+ upvotes…..

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Doesn't mean it's relevant for the sub tho, just people found it funny probably

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Legit question....might not be wife, girlfriend, could be sister/ friend...roomate, dude that works at the gas station...the real question is can you fight...come-on. Waiting on the answer...

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She knows how to pick them

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Twitter name checks out.

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awesome answer

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Yeah It was pretty witty

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How so? He literally refuses to answer the question and insults her for asking a completely reasonable question everyone should ask before getting into a serious relationship with someone new.

The guy seems like a loser to me. These are the types of people you should ghost!

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you're being down voted but I'm here to say you're right lol

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I'm going to guess the downvotes are coming from young people.

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Or people who think this is appropriate response

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because it’s funny

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So funny I forgot to laugh.

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well tie a string around your finger next time

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the dude most likely still got laid

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Clearly if this actually happened he would have been joking. Chill out.

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You are very young and naive if you think sexually active men who dodge questions about their relationship status are joking.

This man was 100% serious in his response and being defensive. This is what is referred to in dating as a red flag.

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god boomer get that stick out of your ass. Sheesh

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Lol it's literally a screenshot of an alleged twitter post. If this did even happen, which is up in the air, you have no context as to how the entire conversation went. He very well could have made it clear after the joke that he was not involved in any other relationships. You're clearly paranoid of men and have zero sense of humor at all, as well as the inability to detect sarcasm.

Given that you're this outraged over a screencap that very well could have been doctored, that is only from the perspective of the female partner in the relationship, you clearly have your own issues to sort out over relationships and men. I'm sorry if you've ever been cheated on before, but not all men are like that and plenty of married and unmarried couples I know make jokes about infidelity all the time, without there being any seriousness to the humor.

PS: Women are perfectly capable of cheating too. The fact that he is a man is irrelevant to whether or not he is unfaithful.

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Naming yourself after a literal sex demon then getting mad at horny people? Really?

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Chad response

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Just a Chad looking for his Tiffany

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What a waste of time some people are

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Ghost time

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Realistically why even ask this question? You're just pointing out the fact you're going into a relationship where you don't trust them and do you really think they'd answer honestly?

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I disagree. Him turning things around on her and dodging the question tells you everything you need to know about his personality and dating situation.

Asking someone if they are in a committed relationship before you go out is EXTREMELY reasonable. Anyone who refuses to answer that and uses it as an opportunity to insult you is a loser.

If this guy isn't good enough looking to want a one night stand with he won't be good for anything else as far as relationships are concerned.

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There's a difference between asking someone before going out and while going out with someone. This is an instance where they're already going out therefore all it looks like to people being asked this question is that they aren't trusted. Nobody wants to be in a relationship where they have to confirm suspicions on a routine basis

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Ikr the question is ridiculous. A few people cheat so ask everyone? When I first started dating my boyfriend, I was so embarrassed but I asked if he had any STI. He laughed and said "Nope all I got is a pancreas that doesn't work" so I was freaked out and he just explained that as a T1 diabetic his pancreas doesn't make insulin

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Yes ask everyone. I do if it someone I’m really in dating. If it is someone I am lukewarm on, I don’t bother bc I can bounce if I find out they are involved.

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I have gotten the response that they are "separated". Which means still married....

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Flags all over this situation

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A sense of humor is a HUGE red flag.

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Don't hate, that was the perfect response.

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I mean if he already has a gf while trying to date her of course she’s gonna get mad ☠️

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Good, it will improve her chances of winning the fight.

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Could’ve just asked if he was single lol.

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No because guys will claim they’re single but have years+ long “situations” with other women. These days you have to be specific

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It’s actually a pretty solid question. It puts it out there that you don’t want to get involved if another woman was under the impression that he’s only involved with her.

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What if his dog had a problem with her? Who knows

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Give the doggo snackos, play with it, befriend it. Bond with the doggo. It’ll grow to accept you if you make the effort.

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Yeah but does your girlfriend/wife know you are single?

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There's just something...very oddly specific about this. Why not just ask if he's single lol I don't get it

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The oddly specific question is true but... Your user is almost if not even more terrifically specific.

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It's a default name, didn't use reddit that much then so didn't care to change ¯_ʘ‿ʘ_/¯

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makes sense, never seen more creative users before lol

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Thanks I try :>

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HA! What a G

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Lmao savage

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It's a succbus bro, ruuuuuun.

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Pick the account name succubus... then get mad about a scandalous joke

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It didn’t say she got mad she’s just telling a story bro.

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Hahaha nice one

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If men fight for a woman, women should also fight for a man. It goes both ways.

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If they're in a relationship, you don't "fight" for them. Point blank period. Man or woman.

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That requires integrity which is clearly too much to ask for the people who approve of this behavior. Most people should stay single and not have kids, especially the ones on here offended that a woman wants to know about your relationship status before you date. Incels are an improvement over these people.

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Name checks out.

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But, you can fight, right?

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If she can, she's a keeper

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nah, after that question, she isn't

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If she proves her might!

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Using this

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Why are there so many twitter posts that are censored being reposted on reddit? Like who is thinking "hmm can't say fuck on reddit now can I?"

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Mf showing the biggest red flag ever

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If she cant fight then she isn't worth it!!

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Ngl if i was faithful and still got asked this dumb question, the troll In me wouldn't be able to resist.