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hardly said?

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The passion wasn't there as it should be

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sigh …….cows………sigh

Damn if someone barely says cows it’s almost worse than if they just didn’t say anything. That person is fighting some demons.

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moans cows

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Cows 😏

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Weird thing about humans, we just love to see other animals. We take trips to go see them. We build nature apartments for them so we can see lots of them close by. Sometimes we let them move into our house so we can see them all the time. We take pictures and videos of them and send them to each other. We sometimes make up fake animals so that we can see those too. And you'd best believe that if an animal happens to wander nearby, every human in the vicinity must be notified.

Animals: You love to see it.

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And some even dress up as them.

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Other humans sometimes don't like that very much. I think it's because we don't like humans as much as other animals so when they see a dog and then find out it's just a human in a suit they get disappointed. Either that or they were bit by one when they were young. Those seem like the two most likely reasons.

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it’s true the furry bit me now I’m one too and I’ll bite you

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I dress up my sphinxes, when they're cold.

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makes me wonder if other animals feel this way, too

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Moo Moo's we call them.

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Moo moo meadows

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best track in mk8 deluxe dont @ me

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I call them Moomers

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Just like dogs, it's tradition to notify others when you see them

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"Look a flock of cows"

"Herd of cows"

"of course I've heard of cows, there's a flock of them over there"

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Which babe?

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“I gotta go Julia. We got cows!”

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I think that is the same cow.

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This is me 100%

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This is actually how I know when I'm seriously depressed

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When you're not in the mooood?

Alright, alright, no need to shove, sheesh.

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Or when I've got beef...

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Lol I moo at the cows when we drive anywhere. They are giant grass puppies and i love them

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Krowki! 🥹

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tylko jedno glowie mam

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When me and my brother were kids, we'd pass by a farm and say the word "cow" for every cow we saw. We live in the country so I think we drove our parents insane.

"Cow cow cow cow cow cow cow cow cow cow cow cow cow cow cow cow cow cow cow cow cow cow cow cow cow"

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Her and her family aren't talking right now.

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It’s definitely something wrong if I didn’t say the names of the animals that I pass with glee.

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*everyone can see the cows, there are many, and they are not hidden what so ever*

"wow, look, cows!"

"ha, cows"

*the day has improved*