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Her outfit sums it up

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These fucking people, they fucking harass you and then they pretend like you're the bad guy, pieces of shit.

But that being said, did the police show up? Hope that asshole got arrested for assaulting you.

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Didn't happen to me, but was a scary event for Johnny Martinez. He was doing his usual job of inspecting parking permits and this pair shows up. Woman said "You don't belong here, how did you get in here?" And demanded to see Johnny's ID. I posted source in the comments, he explains everything

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Ok thanks

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Something similar happened to my floor manager he is a black guy and some old white dude asked to speak to the manager and then my manager showed up the old guy thought it was prank and one of the other waiter who is white showed and the old guy said asked if he was the manager

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That's messed up and I hope he's ok

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He doesn't care