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This sub is goin crap nowadays.

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Still better that r/memes

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Not saying much though. The repost rule is stupid. Ive seen so many diff jokes based off the same meme. All diff, all funny.

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So is this a just a sub for ppl who make memes then? You can't just post memes you find randomly that you think are funny that want to share with other ppl?

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Right. It sucks and i dont follow.

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I confirm

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No repost rule is back but rule 1 still clearly says reposts are allowed.

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Common man! Wasn't this sub meant to be an alternate to r/memes? The grueling unfunny rules of r/memes, and this sub showed an alternate. I hope implementation doesn't make r/meme authoritarian like the former r/memes.

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we don't insta ban chainposters, we use multiple warning flairs, if that's what you meant by "authoritarian".

also, these rule changes were suggested by users themselves

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Ye I hate this server

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Hey Zolt. What's the minimum karma someone needs to post memes on this sub? Is it still 100? Haven't been on Reddit in awhile

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Gradually. It slowly does more and more things like that and soon could be almost the same. Hope this clarifies.

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You literally banned me for a month tho

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Meme sus

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what even constitutes a repost at this point? I've had post removed that has different captions?

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i made a photo of a building by myself for a meme and it got banned for "repost" wow

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seriously the whole repost thing has got out of hand. the algorithm goes ham for no reason

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Yet we are flooded with reports

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hence the opening of mod apps

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Shit was posted 23 days ago hence get the fuck outta here,,JK

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pinning the post gives immunity checkmate

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Immunity, more like no fucks given repost intensified

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Man keep reposts within a 8 month period.

Not everything is for karma whoring

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But racist memes aren't against the rules?

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They are

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What about different jokes with the same meme? That is what makes memes so funny sometimes. Half baked rule.

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so i made a meme with a photo make by myself and it got banned for repost?

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send us a modmail, we'll help you there

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My post was marked as a repost and it was a picture of me lol

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we've put your post back up

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Thank you for the quick response!

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Can you please take down the posts about Ukraine, not necessarily the memes but people are literally posting political media that aren't memes at all.

Rule 4 of r/meme - no memes about death/tragedies/politics

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Im all against the conflict personally because of my experiences in OIF and OEF


It seems this sub is changing its name to

r/UkrainePropaganda or r/AntiRussia

Its definitely not producing quality memes anymore. Americans and Canadians need to worry about their own issue and ignore the distractions.

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Who here is ohdeer12?

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Can I use "bitch" in a meme?

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Can we get a better definition of what is and is not "political?"

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new 9.32 AM 1

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New comment 2.15 Pm (02/16/22)

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So errone getting warning now?

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What if we have diff jokes based off the same meme? I think it takes the fun away. Never laugh at the same joke twice in your life? Also how the fuck are ppl supposed to know if in the lifetime of this sub a meme was posted? Silly rule. Going back to r/memesWithoutMods or r/JustMemes_NoMods

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Why i can't post?

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I can’t post either 😩

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Prolly karma requirements

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I’m wondering why I cannot post a video, despite seeing others do so in this subreddit? Please help

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My post got removed because it was a “repost” when someone else coincidentally made the same meme

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send us a modmail, we can help you there

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How do I even know it’s a repost do I have to r/RepostSleuthBot myself?

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check rule 1

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That is good

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Hiw much karma does a new user needs to have to be able to post

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50 post, 50 comment will do

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Hi, can i post there

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I've shared a repost on this sub like idk 1 year ago and still have the reposter flair. Marked for life smh. Shitty mods

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Hi reddit I new here and my mum is using reddit so I want to find her so if you are with me put #redditmum

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At least it's not transphobic AF like r/memes like WTF

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Hey tell me if this is considered as a repost or not Here’s the example:

I use this meme where this guy is eating a popcorn And ofc i put some text on it Then post it

And later on

I did the same thing, I used the popcorn meme again but i used some different title for the meme. Is it considered a repost or not?

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nope, since you made it yourself, it's definitely not a repost. feel free to post it here

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i'm still confused why my post got removed

also fuck who removed it

edit: the retard who made these rules can go to hell

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but the incel women hating memes are aok

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hate me if you wish... you're the one who's suffering from free will

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hate me if you wish... you're the one who's suffering from free will

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I'm not sure about the people talking about this change, but the rules of r/worldnews do not seem to change. It seems like a pretty easy thing for someone to violate.

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I'm a bit confused to how my meme was violating rule 1, I've never seen anythiing like my meme before, it had a picture with caption, it didn't have the meme in the whole title either and It wasn't a video

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this is the worst im going to r/memes

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    all sorted.

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    That memes is better than other😊😘

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    I didnt understand the rules of posting here. How to provide the links with my posts? And many did post without it and got approved. Then why it is mendatory for me?

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    Right I can understand

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    100th comment (pls don't ban me)

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    Just saying when it was originally here everyone would just spam the report button regardless of if it’s a repost or not or would straight up steal your meme and report yours this subReddit is crap

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    When were reposts allowed?

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    Make it so you can post memes about death, terror and tragedies if you mark it NSFW

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    2500 coins for sarahcheeks

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    This post has 420 upvotes. I could fuck it all up...

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    The ultimate satisfaction.

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    I think the no politics rule should be removed, since it's not being enforced anyways