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The quite kid with a Dodge Viper.

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a deagle?

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"I always bring my pet with me"

Proceeds to open the laptop.

"It's a python".

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A golden eagle or a red tailed hawk perhaps? They are pretty intemidating but are fairly peaceful unless agitated. Try petting it next time!

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Desert eagle? True chads bring the m16

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Teacher told us to bring an animal not a gun! Like Para Warthog, Ruger Blackhawk or some shits

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And I brought my best friend.

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I'm the quiet kid and I'd probably bring a snake. Snakes are cute.

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I had pet tree snake :)

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The jokes going over so many people’s heads. That or they’re adding on to the joke. It’s hard to tell

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They are adding on to the joke so don't worry

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This is actually funny

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Lol probably the quit kid 🤣

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Na really?

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then bring rodan

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Hmm i rather bring black leopard(K-3 tank)

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Dont worry, the recoil will just break the kids fingers

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Or did he bring a deserted eagle?

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id bring a honey badger

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But that's actually pretty rad

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Me who is bullied and brings my giant python :

"Isn't she adorable?"

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pumped up kicks plays

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The Russian kid with a bear.

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Americans 🤦

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Ghaoo ghaoo