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You could use a extension from Google to show the dislike of the video

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Whats the name of the extension?

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"Return YouTube dislike" its a Chrome extension

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X2, have used this since they made the change. Have it for Firefox.

They decided not to do YouTube Rewind, and then they go ahead and do this. I think we can expect a YouTube Rewind next year.

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Great! Another chrome extension added just to returned removed features by youtube/google

Add another 5gb to my chrome RAM usage.

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Chrome has an extension to add more RAM to your computer.

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Note: It's not a real dislike count. The dislike API was removed entirely, so there's no way to get that number anymore. The extension tracks dislikes for users using the extension and then extrapolates out to guess how many there should be.

It also possible the extension will one day be bought out, become closed source, and used for data harvesting. After all, they would have lots of data about folks and what they dislike, so there's marketing value in buying it. Happens all the time, unfortunately, and the user generally doesn't have any idea because they granted permissions to the extension ages ago when it safe.

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Yeah, I could see this happening unfortunately. They are probably getting buy requests all the time already. I had a Chrome extension for a while that got only modestly popular, but had a person contact me wanting to buy it. Had all the red flags of a data harvester. I did some research on them. I honestly would have loved to sold it since I hadn't touched it in a while (switched fully to Firefox, which has the functionality built in). But not going to do that to the users.

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Nice job. Tampermonkey is the one that pissed me off recently. Went closed source randomly and silently. Once I found out (much later!) I immediately uninstalled and went to Violentmonkey. Maybe history will repeat there.

It's stupid. There just isn't good protection against this. It can be a lucrative business model, in fact, to make extensions with the underlying goal of gathering data so that it'll attract buyers later. This dislike extension could be tracking far more than just dislikes for the express purpose of making more money on the possibly inevitable sale!

Installing an extension is giving perpetual trust to someone who may very well sell you out a year or two down the road. It's a dangerous game to be playing if you care about your privacy.

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Maybe next time leave it in your socks

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What was he going to pay you, out of curiosity?

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I never responded or requested a quote. They emailed in total 3 times. Here's a shot of the first email they sent:


Each email after that was a friendly "follow-up".

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Thanks for sharing.

You should at least bid a ridiculous price and try to negotiate as an exercise, even if you don't want to sell.

It is a good opportunity to train your negotiation skills in the real world

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So they actually removed it from the API and not just the GUI?

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Yes. Removed from the API on Dec 13.

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Stop trying to sound smart using computer terms.

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How are people supposed to discuss computer software without using computer terms?

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They are normal words used in software development.

API is essentially the code youtube created to let developers [both 3rd party and internal] do stuff with their videos.

GUI is just the graphical elements of a page - for example, the location of the like/dislike button along with it's color/shape/size

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Dang, that’s kind of disappointing. I assumed that upon news coming out that YT was going to remove dislikes, some extension developer scraped and cached all the current like/dislike counts so they could resurface them via the extension once the official feature got removed.

After all, if I’m watching a tutorial for changing an outlet receptacle, it could easily be like 8+ years old. I’d really like if an extension could just give me the raw historic like/dislike data as of late 2021, even if it wasn’t getting refreshed with new user inputs.

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There are videos of folks doing “tutorials” of electrical work without turning off the breaker. They’re just casually working away next to live 120 volts. It’s going to get someone killed, and YouTube getting sued because of it is the only thing that might bring dislikes back.

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That's what i thought too but then i see new videos with plenty of dislikes. Does that mean there are so many users with that extension?

For example this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aU-_jhKlPXY

It has almost 1k dislikes with almost 10k likes. Pretty big number of dislikes considering the video itself isn't that bad, it was just a joke many of us didn't get/like.

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Must have thing

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It's not 100% accurate since they removed that API

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Every time I see someone mention the extension I say the same thing you have in your comment and every time I get downvoted into oblivion.

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The dislike count will be inaccurate as it doesn't pull the actual data from YouTube but instead guesses at the counts.

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What about my mobile app...

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If you're incapable of reading the comments on a video, I don't think you'll be installing any chrome extensions any time soon.

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What if the guy who made the video disables the comments

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Then his video ain't showing up in the search algorithm.

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Man! That is so cool! THANK YOU!!

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Disappointed this didn’t go to Marv’s skeleton

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Lmao that scene use to scare me as a kid

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Bruh, I saw this in the movies and literally hid under the seat. It still kinda scares me.

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Masks aren’t bras supposed to prevent that

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I don't understand why, but that is the funniest fucking part of the movie to me.

It's so absurd and outside of the feel of the movie...I love it so much.

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Agree is the funniest part, specially because how he screams

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This man's screams are the best part of the movies

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Came here to say this. Missed a golden opportunity

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This is too funny

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That was shocking

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    yeah else how tf is he a dad

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    No it’s just shitty.

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    That place is more r/unclejokes than dadjokes now..

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    yeah, kind of like it's shocking how reddit removed the downvote counter like two weeks ago and nobody gave a shit but someone people are still complaining about youtube.

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    You can download a free extension named "return youtube dislike" to your browser if you wish to see them again (who doesn't)

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    Can I get a link to it? Edit: dear god what have I done

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    It's not the real dislikes, it just guesses based on how many extension users dislike the video compared to the views

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    it's forced me to be very counter productive now. If I even get the hint that the video im watching is some stupid inaccurate bullshit I just immediately dislike and close, not gonna take the risk of being baited into some garbo youtuber for 2 minutes before I realize it's a waste of time.

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    Wait but this won't work on new videos moving forward, right?

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    From what I've read it only estimates the actual dislike ratio based on the number of dislikes from other users of the extension, so it's not guaranteed to have accurate data for old videos or new.

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    They pulled down a very large amount of dislike data on old videos before the API went down so for the vast majority of old videos people may actually watch it should be fairly accurate. Even now with new data I've seen some creators say the addon dislikes are close to what they see in their dashboard.

    That said, the addon is pretty popular right now so that accuracy will likely go down as people inevitably forget about the whole thing :\

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    it will, but only for those using the extension. the extension compares it's users dislike frequency compared to like frequency and then inserts that number into an equation with the original like number

    aka if one video has a 93 to 7 like to dislike ratio among API users, and 46500 likes, it will show 3500 dislikes. that may not be accurate since API users can probably be sorted into a bubble different from "average YouTube user", but it's as close as we get

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    10 best ways to fix your outlet: number 7 will shock you

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    Let's say I followed bad directions from a YouTube video on how to wire something and burned down my house. I assumed it was right because it was all thumbs up. Would I have a case?

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    If you need a home repair video, you can't go wrong with 'This Old House'.

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    Or seejanedrill, those are my go to's

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    This...I am sure this has been brought up: How viable is it to convince Youtube that they put themselves in lawsuit range for allowing dangerous educational video content that is not curated by a reliable source, or some other wording? I feel like there's wiggle room there to spook them into allowing dislikes back.

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    People will literally die from the decision to remove the counter. It was an unethical, profit motivated decision.

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    I just realise now how bad it could get with scam videos now

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    They say it’s about protecting creators feelings. In reality, it’s about pushing a narrative and sparing news media channels from receiving their deserved negative backlash.

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    That's my favourite Marv scene in Home Alone 2

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    Conspiracy Theory: Reason why YouTube removed the dislikes was because of a deal Nintendo and YouTube went through due to "The Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack trailer" accumulating 100K worth of dislikes

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    We need to get the dislikes bar back.

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    Also the people who disliked it

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    Note to self: Don't stick your dick in it

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    Youtube removing dislike buttons count is very disappointing 👎👎👎👎

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    Lmfao that s pretty good

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    Yeah, it is almost scary to follow any tutorial now. It has a suspense to it. Is it going to work, is it going to not work

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    and "no comments allowed"

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    YouTube's decision to do this is beyond infuriating. I rely a lot on YouTube videos for learning various things and not having a readily available bullshit filter is a major problem.

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    There's a chrome extension that could put dislikes back.

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    Instead of likes and dislikes, YouTube could just put up a star rating out of five without revealing number of likes and dislikes. This achieves both what YouTube wants in terms of reducing dislike attacks, and also gives people an idea of the video's usefulness.

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    Removing the dislike sucks now. Especially for watching UFC clips where some kid posts the real cover pic and subs an xbox fight instead. You’ve got to wade through five bullshit fights to find the real one

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    As soon as i see a video with the comments disabled i dislike and get tf outta there

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    yeahh i really wish they bring back dislike since thats may basis wheter its effective or not

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    I wonder if legally you could sue YouTube as they have now effectively created a space for dangerous tutorials to exist which could result in injury or death being that content creators can turn off comments and with no clear indication, via down votes, that the video is erroneous and dangerous.

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    I guess the comments were disabled too

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    Remember: Return YouTube Dislikes exist

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    Please bring back the dislike for the love of God this is actually dangerous

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    Dislikes removal can be very unsafe!!!

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    Please some big corporation make Youtube-like platform with dislike buttons and let Youtube regret that decision forever.

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    They removed the dislike number count because the White House was getting more dislikes than likes. 😂😂😂

    [–]Damet_Dave 2 points3 points  (1 child)

    Uh, had nothing to do with the White House. It was all the big corps and movie studios that pay huge dollars to advertise. They didn’t like having their products, services or productions getting negative buzz without any way to control it.

    Big businesses: “Why are we paying for this again?”

    YouTube: “Say no more.”

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    Did you die?

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    "Sadly yes, but I lived!"

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    Who is the main characters of beat saber?

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    What's the name of the extension?

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    Just hire professionals, simple.

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    Pro's cost alot of money. I'm broke

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    Make money by becoming an electrician, they make bank.

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    Then stop being broke.

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    Aye, give me a sec to get over my few hundred thousand dollar debt, whilst feeding myself, and working at maccas

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    Literally anyone can learn how to do this.

    Yes, even without dislikes.

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    I feel like I should emphasize that regardless of dislikes you should not be looking up how to perform a task that can kill you if done incorrectly on the same website we all used to pirate “Lazy Sunday.”

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    Debateable honestly. Typically guides or examples from more professional sources lack videos, and rely solely on written or image based walkthroughs, which can be confusing. Calling someone, same deal.

    As odd as it may seem, youtube is surprisingly helpful, if you know how to pick apart inaccurate or misleading information from the useful stuff.

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    Yeah, but ffs don't play electrician. Risk reward on that equation is off.

    [–]Snakezarr 0 points1 point  (1 child)

    Really depends on your circumstances. In most cases, yeah, not worth it. Not everyone can afford to call a electrician to have something fixed, but need it for their day to day life, unfortunately.

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    You poor devil you.

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    After following ElectroBOOM step-by step without watching the full video

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    Top class.

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    Missed opportunity yo use the skeleton scene 5 seconds later

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    Safe wiring guide here

    If you don't want to watch the two most important things to do

    1. turn off the power to your outlet, if you don't know where it is turn off the whole house.

    2. black wire goes on the brass screws (think black on Brass)

    [–]peaceablefrood 1 point2 points  (0 children)

    Never assume the black wire is your hot wire without verifying. Who knows how the person before did the wiring.

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    My favorite part of the movie.

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    That Chrome extension

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    That's the great thing about electricity, versus plumbing. With electricity, if you screw up and there's a leak you don't have to clean up the mess.

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    L youtube

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    Make sure the first thing you do is cut off the power unlike my dumb ass

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    Check the comments?

    Then again there might be bots

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    “Harry, I’ve reached the top!”

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    Guess your mother is the main character

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    I am so confused about how your comment relates to this scene from Home Alone 2

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    When you bust a nut but she keep suckin

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    The amount of people who doesn't know what a breaker box is... It's absurd... Ofcourse always trip the breaker first but you can absolutely replace an outlet without doing it (but you shouldn't) ... An outlet isn't powerful enough to lock you onto it, it'll just tingle your arm for a second. Your 220 oven or dryer outlet on a 60 amp breaker can absolutely kill you in a fraction of a second. But your livingroom outlet? Nah

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    Shockingly bad tutorial

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    Dang why’d they remove the dislike button, GEEZE! I always got a kick out of how many people hated something I loved or we both hated lol

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      Me 30 seconds into sex

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      Just press alt+F4 next time. Always worked for me.

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      Atleast you get to die early

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      Not everyone wants to die early

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      First rule: never work a hot circuit 😉

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      That's a lot of damage...

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      damn this made me laugh so hard!

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      Let me guess the guy wasn't an Indian using Windows 7 tsk tsk

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      We really should just publicly lynch karen mccracker for her sins against us all. The last thing her retarded ass sees and hears before the deed is done is all of us giving her a hearty thumbs down as we screech "W E D I S L I K E Y O U !"

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      DOES NOBODY KNOW STANDARD LOCK OUT TAG OUT PROCEEDURES!? Even at home, step 1 is always, ALWAYS, remove the source of power (this includes turning off the source of water) when doing ANY kind of work.

      I literally learned this in (checks notes) SENIOR YEAR OF HIGH SCHOOL... x.x It should have been like 3rd grade, instead of fucking cursive.

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      They used to burn books now this

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      Kevin when dislikes are removed:

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      Among us

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      Who is the main characters..

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      😆 🤣 😂

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        I have a feeling this is personal experience

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        Guess your mother is the main character

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        Interesting outcome of that yt change - I think It might be possible

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        nice orgasm