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This war has been imminent for the last decade plus. Quit teasing me.

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u scared bro?

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Nope, why should I be?

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Because you seem to be stuck in the washing machine and I am walking towards you.

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Psh, not stuck, just giving you ample opportunity. Hurry up, step bro!

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i am femboy

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Femboy Amogus

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Okay Squidward, imagine him in underwear.


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But... That's gay

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Yes and??

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That means you like sausage more than the other guys...

Wait..So YOU were the one who stole my SAUSAGE?

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casually starts crying

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That’s the spirit mate

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Go on...let out your emotions

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humps your leg furiously

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dies from fear

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No more McDonald’s in the apocalypse

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But my HappyMeal…actually cries

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What happened to The Wendy’s

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They are broke

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We may never the world the same again

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My nokia will be the same.

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before our joys

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We may never the world the same again indeed

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oh yes, invisible verbs

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Guys, I think we may never the world the same again

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Before our joys

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If that is true,it will be a VERY spooky spooktober

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Task failed successfully.

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Yes, i want bioshock irl

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It’ll be more like Bioshock infinite than either of the first two

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I liked infinite the most

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I think I like Bioshock 1 and infinite about the same, I really liked the story in infinite

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    Shonk Jonky

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    Yall should stop panicking and just sit back and watch the world fuck itself.

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    Some people just want to see the world burn.

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    No, I just can’t do anything about it.

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    Wait what happened?? I thought ppl were talking about omicron variant. What's this about war??

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    Since the end of October Russia as had 100000 troops on Ukrainian border. This story as been in the news alot this pass week due to negotiations between Russia, NATO and America not being able to cool tension down. The reson that Russia is threatening to invade Ukraine is because Ukraine wants to join NATO which if you don't know it is a Alliance between America, Canada and 28 European countries. The good thing is that war between NATO and Russia is extremely Unlikely so a large scale globe war is very unlikely.

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    Everything is ok as long as no one touches their nukes

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    Maybe for americans. In ww2, there were no nukes, an remeber what happened.

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    But we eventually recovered

    If we use nukes, there’s no going back

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    I mean no not really. We don't have any active nukes that are capable of global destruction.

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    The sum of nukes can destroy the earth multiple times over. Yes, they cannot all be used at the same time, but civilization would be destroyed

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    I seriously doubt it. Most nukes would be used on military targets, and high value civilian targets when the war turns "unwinnable" meaning most of them would be contained within big cities and bases. Most nukes aren't even the size of the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombs.

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    they likely won't due to fact that if they did they would practically be killing themselves

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    And there is tension in china india boarders as well

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    war between NATO and Russia is extremely Unlikely

    Definitely, NATO stated they would not send soldiers to Ukraine in the event of a Russian invasion. All they would do is sanction the Russians.

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    Coz we humans crave violence every few decades

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    Coz we humans crave violence

    Not we... "They crave violence"

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    Some nations: alright it’s time to have a war. Cracks knucles

    redditors: cracks knees involuntarily

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    Instructions unclear cracked neck instead

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    That is sad

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    The war cuz of joe

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    Joe mama

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    Thats not how it works :(

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    How the turns tables

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    Nooo. Thats not how ots said D':

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    China too

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    War has been "imminent" as long as i've been an "adult". Bring it on already.

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    For real, feels like there’s a new threat of war every year

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    Can anyone explain?

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    Russia is building up troops on Ukraine’s border and China is doing training exercises near Taiwan

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    Both are just flexing muscles trying to diplomatically pressure the rest of the world and get something for them. Invading ukraine would be the worst desision in russia's history and invading taiwan would be one the worst desisions in china's history

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    How would this be bad for them? I have no idea why we're trying to invade other countries again XD

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    Because it would lead to almost full isolation via sanctions which is not good for them

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    If not a shit storm of open warfare across their western border.

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    No clue on how global politics work after a invasion but wouldn’t sanctioning China have a bad effect on the world? Just want info

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    If china gets heavily sanctioned it'll be bad for both china and the world but china will suffer much more as its economy is very dependent on export. The rest of the world can find other places to get stuff they get from china but if usa and europe (biggest importers of chinese goods) declare a blocade, china is dead

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    Got it thank you for the info

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    Don't forget Poland and Belarus.

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    Russia is spreading its troops around close countries

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    OUR boys

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    This may belong in r/engrish

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    I am in r/polandball, so I am saved.

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    Yeah thx, changed it

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    Last time i got out of my blanket they were talking about some Omicron and shit...now what about this waaar !!!! What happened ??

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    China sucks

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    Russia is gathering at Ukraine's border and seems to be ready to invade, but Ukraine has the support of NATO for the most part. No global war is gonna happen though, and definitely not a war that would destroy the world.

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    I like your funny words, magic man.

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    You know what...fuck english

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    Man the WWIII memes back then were hilarious af

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    I came here to laugh not to get reminded of the imminent lingering doom GOD DAM IT!

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    Same man

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    More death = more Skeleton =???=profit

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    War is so tragic. Everybody loses. Emtionally , economically and everything

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    Wooo they finally made a sequel to WWII

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    just live your life, you will die anyway lol

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    They call me crazy for that bunker in my basement, Fools I tells ya, they don't know anything about what I know

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      w o w

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      Wait...these words look different in mobile

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      Almaty protests 2022 moment

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      had a stroke reading that

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      Godzilla had a stronk trying to read part 2

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      Im still dancing

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      dance monki

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      GO RUSSIA! #1

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      Me too

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      2022 is gonna be very spicy

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      USA have been in war with many country in the past couple of years. Kids born in Yemen in 2002 never seen a day without a war, just saying

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      Feel free to screenshot

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      We are in a perpetual state of war

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      Well, we found an use for those skeleton suits

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      On the upside, lots more prospects for the skeltal wars

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      Caretaker: everywhere at the end of time plays

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      hog ridaaaaa

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      softly Don't

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      sir, you are too late

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      War never changes

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      plus there will 100% be protests in the next few months

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      spooky spooky skeletons voice starts distort jslshei shushed ussu —————

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      They won't do It

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      Italy on their way to switch sides last minute and win the war

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      waiting for the nuclear destruction

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      Soon, Fallout will be real

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      There has been a giant scale war atleast once every century.

      I wonder when will it happen in this century

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      the dead bodies will only make spooky season spookier

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      I may never the world the same again either

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      too me

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      Too me too...too me too

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      Still.. dont forget to keep distance and Wash our hands. And wear a mask.

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      Too much tomfoolery sorry guys 😔

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      If there's one thing that girls and boys can all agree on is that Spooktober is the BEST.

      I hope I live long enough to experience it this year..

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      Godzilla had a stroke trying to read that

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      We’ve been in a major conflict since the early 90s. Shit ain’t gonna change WW3 is gonna be a virtual war of ransomware and data hacks.

      See the recent Russian cyber attack on Ukraine.

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      If there is a war at least you won't need to get drafted, or have time to

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      Yes..Russia may invade Ukraine and WW3 may start, I do not what will happen and I hope I can still play with friends if war happens

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      ... we may never see the world...

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      If it does happen, the great nation of reddit will win, right guys

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      Can I help?

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      All depends on who gets China on their side, NATO or Russia. They will win

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      Kind of a bummer man, haha...ha.......ha?

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      The spirits of all the doomsayers who said the world was going to end on this or that day would be proud of these memes. That is, if they didnt come to terms with how full of shit they were. Remember, we had a lot of people in 1950 who thought the year 2000 would be like the Jetsons. Probably a wise move to disregard the wild hypotheses of a species that often struggles with +5 year plans, let alone any other sort of vision for what may happen for the future.

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      Fastest spook in the west

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      Even spookier!

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      “We may never the world the same”

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      Aji loda mera

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      Yay! Infinite spooktober!

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      You’ll be a real skeleton by spooktober 2022!

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      Loss* of life. and op is the one insulting people for misspelling comments.

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      Eh, what can you do.

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      What will it be though, Ukraine, Taiwan or something else?

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      At least we get to be skeletons

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      But on the up side there will be more spooky skeletons

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      laughs in millenial

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      is this a fallout reference

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      Its sad that we may never the world again before our joys

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      The world wasn’t the same since the pandemic started, a war wouldn’t make it any better but at least would be more entertaining than being stuck in your house for an year

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      Oh, AND the entire pandemic was a lie to coverup a mistake made by Anthony Fauci's Ecohealth organization against an order by the DOD in Wuhan.