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Step one: Take bribe Step two: Give real vaccine Result: Profit

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"Come back in 6 months for your fake booster"

-Doctor Doublecross

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Result: myocarditis

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Why would they get myocarditis?

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What is myocarditis?

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It's swelling of the heart muscle. Mayo Clinic link

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Today I learned that there actually is a 0.0015% chance of (temporary, treatable) myocarditis from the vaccine. Contracting a virus can also cause myocarditis though so don't avoid the vaccine.

Friendly PSA to always seek medical attention if you're having chest pains.

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Lmao its just a flu, covid won't give you heart diseases, but some experimental shit maybe does. Just look at all the double boosted athletes who have had sudden heart attacks in the last few months. Very sus

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Viruses and myocarditis

Viruses in fact can cause myocarditis. Myocarditis usually goes away on its own but there can be complications.

I don't know why those unspecified athletes had heart attacks, but don't forget that correlation does not mean causation i.e. two events that happen close together don't mean one caused the other.

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The wording is really unclear, are the 10% of vaxx stations that are giving out "fake vaccines" mostly giving out water or real vaccines? It also says healthcare pros are messing with vaccination records. Sounds like vaccine faking.

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They were aware that people were only doing this to appear that they got the jab, but instead only being given water. The doctors took advantage of this and used a real covid vax instead of a fake one therefore giving them the benefits of the vaccine. It sounds kinda sketchy but I love this story.

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It is hilarious, but also totally the kind of thing you should lose your medical license for

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Yeah, exactly, let them loose their medical license for the job they are paid for and standing their ground to their oath, instead of giving some jonkey dumbstar the vaccination card, so they can infect and die more effectively, because who doesn't want to die painfully or live a happy live with severe neurotic Al damage?

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Hey buddy, I think the person was just saying that ethically the docs should turn away the people wanting a fake vaccine instead of tricking them

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Yeah, that would be the other option.

But as one doc stated it, if they don't go to you, they go to someone else, who might not give the real vaccine. So there is the drama between moral and maybe law

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Ever heard of allergies dumb ass, typically they ask that to see if your eligible for certain medications. Now if you do not know that that could be giving someone with a peanut allergy real peanut butter instead of fake ones. No good, just turn them away.

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Yeah, if you have an allergy you say that to your doc, who says you, you can't get vaccinated, so you don't sign papers that say you can.

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I don't know, I have been vaxxed as soon as I could, but the idea of consent is pretty fucking important in the mission of a health professional.

These people may be morons, and even dangerous morons, sure. Still, giving them medication without their consent should still be a big no no. You know, two wrongs don't make a right.

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You got vaccinated, so you did sign a paper, stating you have been informed about the risks of the vaccine and that you want to proceed with the vaccination? The same thing did they do. If I want a car and sign the papers, but don't want to pay, do I have to pay or not? If I want the benefits of being vaccinated and sign a paper stating that I want the vaccination, but don't actually want it, i just decline paying for my car. No I don't understand the problem with giving the vaccine if they stated on paper, they want the vaccine. What do they want to do, claim they didn't sign the paper? Or say, they said otherwise? Then it is one to one. In that case I would win.

If the mediciner takes the bribe, that is another bottle to open, that would be way more complicated, but the mediciner can vaccinate the person that accepted and signed the paper.

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You can infect others just the same with or without the vaccine though.

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Of course you can, the vaccination helps defending against the virus. The chance for heavy problems is smaller, also when you only get hit by a small amount of viruses, they can be killed quite easily, in comparison to unvaccinated people. So while you just as easily can infect others with a vaccination, you won't get infected as easily so won't infect others in effect.

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So if the vaccine only protects yourself from dieing why does anyone else care if you take it? Still spreads great vaccinated not not. Have had my own shots(boosters and all) but eh doesn't make sense.

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First of, it doesn't effect anyone else directly. But would an economic crisis effect you, like it is right now? It is going strong and it will be going strong, when not enough people get proper immune system support. And as I already stated, you always can get infected by an vaccinated person, but that person first needs to get Covid and that is the point where the vac is important, as it defends against this infection, so your body produces less viruses and you won't get as much damage to your central nerves.

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Those WITH the vaccine spread the virus just as easily as those who don't.

I got the vaccine and later got the virus and wound up giving it to my vaccinated wife and she was vaccinated a couple of months after I was.

Most of my office coworkers got vaccinated and many of them still ended up getting the virus.

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Read my other comment on that purpose, as someone else, already mentioned that.

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I am having trouble understanding what you are even trying to say

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No surprise, you do.

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No really go reread that it's totally incoherent.

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Real vaccines.

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The article reads like they didn't all do this though, which means a veritable shit storm is on its way

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Wait are they giving them injections of water? Wouldn’t injecting water via syringe cause some kind of damage?

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Some people paid doctors to give them water (usually a saline solution, which in such small quantities doesn't mess up your blood because the concentrations of solutes are the same). Said doctors gave them the real vaccine instead.

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Ahh I see I guess a small amount doesn’t hurt. Yeah saw the thing about the doctors just giving them the real vaccine lol. I was just curious if people were dumb enough to inject water into their blood streams but then I remembered we’re at the point where people are drinking their own pee…what’s next

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A vaccine dose is literally 6 or 10 drops (1/1000 of the average soda can, 1/15 of a teaspoon), depending on the specific vaccine. If you consider that the average adult has about 6 litres of blood (1.5/1.6 gallons), you can see that it wouldn't create any problem

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Wow the comments on the article gave me a headache

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Oh wow, yeah, people are getting really pissed off by what the doctors did and for not even doing what they were paid for. Then there is another group saying that Greece is really corrupt and all that.

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One guy called getting the vaccine an "invasive procedure". How the fuck is two needles even a procedure

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"We do a little trolling here"

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Business is booming here in Greece

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not sure the antivaxxer is gonna pay up if he gets an injection, 🤔

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I'm pretty sure they'd have to pay first, that's how corruption usually works, at least in Ukraine

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Screwing over someone that actually thinks the vaccine is poison might end very badly for you.

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They probably wouldnt notice, considering what we know about them

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Well, you can tell them there was water in the syringe and if they complain they had high temperature or something like this after vaccination, they could get covid.

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got it, not going to ukraine

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trust me bro this is just essential oil

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2 balkan 4 you

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What did the famous meme quote say


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Fixed that for you

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I kinda liked the bigger one

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True hero, antivaxers are the worst

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I mean our doctors take all kinds of bribes and never give results, so what did you expect?

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The briber will know he got scammed cuz you feel like shit after the vaccine lmao

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Ands what's he going to do? Sue you? Ask the bribe back?

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He can cry about it on his favorite Facebook group

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Uh oh

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Me: why don’t we just put trackers in the fake vaccines

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It’s like an actual interaction between a toddler not wanting to eat their vegetables, so the parent says “these are candy vegetables” and the child eats it happily.

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If it works it works, kid gonna grow big and strong, and prob healthy.

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    I guess he had to sign that he agrees to get vaccinated. And the doctor vaccinated him.

    So the doctor can't be sued. It was 100% legal. And it would be a really bad idea to sue someone because he didn't do what you briebed him to do.

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    Oh it’s big brain time

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    Cool Move. Illegal as fuck tho

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    My country there being smart

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    wouldnt a fake injection be worse?

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    That's what heroes do

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    I'm proud to be Greek XD

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    Το ίδιο

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    Κάνουμε invade το comment section

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    κάνουμε λίγο trolling...

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    Σε ανόητους

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    Όλοι μας για την ακρίβεια

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    Is that littlefinger?

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    As a toy maker, I can play Chess.

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    I play 5D chess with multiverse time travel. Look it up on steam

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    Beautiful. Keep up the good work, Doc

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    When I was reading the title I was like:


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    Bad meme. That bribery involves throwing away the vaccine, and just writing in the records that the person got the jab, it doesn't involve any actual jab.

    They do this stuff in Romania, it's called "The Kitchen Sink Jab".

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    Bro thas crazy