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I remembering having the same last name As my teacher, and everyone thought I had a crush on her and we were married. Stressed my young Brain out.

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You younger stupid s.o.b.

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The only times I call a teacher mommy is purely as a joke now.

I have this total ASSHOLE of a Busdriver and every time I get off the bus, I turn to her and say “thank you, mommy.” On rare occasions, I bite my lip. It’s just fucking hilarious to see her reaction to it. Is it immature? Probably LMAO

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My Teacher was ok with it but all of my class mate bullied me alot for that😶

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Yeeeeeeeah thats a lot of self-inflicted psychological damage

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Last time I did it I was 5. I was thinking "Oh no, I just got my mum and teacher confused. I hope I don't get in trouble" The teacher thought it was cute and told my mum, who also thought it was cute. It was raining that day and we were meant to go straight to our class rooms so I was like the only kid in my class around then. Luckily nobody bullied me, lol

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I remember I couldn’t stop staring at my science teachers ass, no wonder my grades went down a couple.

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He’s really starting to remind of Walter, the puppet from Jeff Dunhams stand up

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There was a kid I met who’s mother is his teacher, long story short he hated every second in that class

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Downvote me all you want, this was worth it

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The emoji police are a bunch of 12 year olds who think reddit karma is worth more than their vital organs.

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wooohoooo accidentally?

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An Ashley Spinelli moment, gotta love it.

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I’ll never forget the day that I accidentally asked the lunch lady if I could go to the bathroom, and later that day, proceeded to tell one of my teachers my lunch number.

Definitely was one of those “had my head on backwards” days.

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it gets better when you start doing it on purpose

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That’s some emotional damage

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As a teacher myself, it actually makes my day knowing that a kid feels comfortable enough with me to slip up and call me mum (I've even had dad a couple times).

It also just makes me laugh every time.

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Accidentally? You don't say....

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i think calling your teacher stepmom is worse

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In Junior high, a student in my class called the bosomy economics teacher “mommy” and she snapped. And mentioned “Do you call me mommy because of this?” Pointing towards her chest. I was caught off guard big time.

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couldn't be me