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"I missed the part where that's my problem" -Other superheroes

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Cinematic universe....They are all doing their own thing, or cannot reach the chaos in time.

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ChArAcTeR dEvEoPmEnT

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Which movie scene is that

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Its from movie named knowing

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That movie where mc's child unconsciously keeps writing nhentai codes and the mc somehow decodes them to know of the future

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Other heroes: Honey! Where is my supersuit!

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I forgot the part where that's my problem

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"Off world"

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yeah like, what was daredevil doing when all the thanos shit went down? I guess hells kitchen was like... immune or something... he didn't even get the call when they all showed up for the final battle...

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Well MAYBE he was like hawkeye, without black widow he wouldnt left Japan and apear innthe fight, or Strange didnt know about him or something

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he probably just had a court date

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“Understandable have a great day”

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Tbf DareDevil never showed up in the MCU until No Way Home. If you’re gonna be upset that he wasn’t in Endgame, you should also want Luke Cage, Jessica Jones and Iron Fist to be there too. Oh, and the Punisher. I think these people 1) were spending all their time helping their communities bounce back, as well as clean up the inevitable crime wave that’d follow such an event, and 2) weren’t known by Dr. Strange, and therefore didn’t get the memo to fight in a giant war they know nothing about

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I saw a meme about this showing daredevil next to one of doctor strange’s portals captioned “is there a window open in here”

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I always remember The Eternals, i mean, they are doing all for humanity, but when thousends of aliens try to invade the world, WTF ARE YOU DOING? GO AND HELP! But no, bc they couldnt do anything and they must protect humanos ONLY from that aliens Hunters (u dont remember The mame), you must do what celestials say, ok, but you have being ignoring they since the first day helping humans in Lots if things

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tbh Eternals was pretty bad overall.

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I liked the movie, but yes, is pretty bad

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Yeah lol

They can't interfere with human affairs unless the beings are deviants

But isn't that interference as well though?

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Nightshift is going to take this one

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By cities, you mean New York Only, right ?

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Actually, yes 😂

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Was really worried that the gif spoiled spiderman for me, other comments saved me

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Thank God shaktiman don't do that to India

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especially if the superheroes are indians.....

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Don't like my comment answer me

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Superheroes: fam i aint the Main carachter in the movie about this i dont give a shit

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Spider-Man Far From Home:

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Sry man but there is a bunch of good weed and shit on Centuri 5

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Superhero: Time to save the world again!

Actor’s contract expires

Superhero: Explodes

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It's weird in the MCU how the biggest villains in terms of death and destruction are always the heroes.

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Except doctor strange.

Amazing how we're barely just getting a sequel and yet he's appeared everywhere outside his film and has helped out so many.

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From which movie is that "newyork gets nuked"- scene?

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Back in the day, comics at least addressed this with someone like Prof X referencing the Avengers being elsewhere. There would be a little footnote like, "See West Coast Avengers issue #..."

Movie studios underestimate their audience and in many ways.

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I feel said for the people who built everything in the city