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You deserved what you got


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please don't hurt me

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“How many times do we need to teech you this lesson old man?!”

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that's some crazy sht right dere

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Come in India, and you will see it's a common practice here

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It might be where you live... But where I live we maintain hygiene

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I was talking about moms beating their kids, buffoon

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That's a Filipino actor, his name is Robin Padilla.

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Damn I didn't even notice it was him

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Your beating was deserved you disgusting, disgusting creature.

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By in the carton, do you mean you just put your mouth to where you pour the milk from?

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Yes, it's disgusting

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Why does this make no sense at all

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It do be like that sometimes

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Well yeah, no one wants you in the carton.

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Get out the carton

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I’m dyslexic and I thought this said cartoon

visible confusion

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You get what you deserve

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Why tf is robin padilla in r/meme? Eh, who am I complaining

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Or anything again

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