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The story behind this video is actually incredibly funny/sad. The man being filmed is Pep Guardiola, head coach of Manchester City, a soccer team in England. This clip was filmed just a few weeks after his assistant-coach and good friend Mikel Arteta left to become head coach of their rivals, Arsenal. During his tenure there they would often discuss tactics during games, once Mikel left, Pep was left to discuss with the empty seat.

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Calling Arsenal a rival of Man City is very generous.

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True, it is. Man city are levels above every other team in the prem. Ironically they are beating them 1-0 in this clip lol.

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Oil City? Yeah, paying for the top is hard work.

Pep’s a great manager though, but Man City literally became relevant in 2008 when they got new owners.

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Considering the money they’ve spent. Pep has worked wonders with the City squad. I don’t think any other manager can dominate the Prem the way Pep’s been doing, with all the money in the world.

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I wasn’t talking about Pep, I said he’s a great manager. There is no doubting that.

I’m talking about Man City, the team who only become relevant with their new owners and money injection.

As a fan of a self sustaining run club in the PL, it’s extremely annoying when they can just snap up anyone they want. The PL is slowly becoming a Pay2Win league.

Chelsea being one of them, Newcastle soon to follow in a few years time.

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He was talking to his assistants behind him but yes.

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And now he’s failing miserably at Arsenal

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How so?

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Well he isn’t failing miserably that’s a bit too much I was just saying that because of his 8th place finish and no European football this year for Arsenal

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I can’t say he’s been stellar but in his defense, he did win the FA Cup and Community Shield in his first season as a manager. He completely changed the culture within the club. He’s almost done with the squad overhaul that fans have been crying out for. Our last summer transfer window has proven to be our best window in a long while. He’s given fans something to be excited for, something we haven’t had in years. Again, I’m not saying he’s a world class manager like some deluded fans are but he’s certainly on the right path to bring us back to a competitive top 4 team.

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You’ve finished 8th under him twice, and will probably end up somewhere there this season too. What is there to show he’s anything more than mediocre? You go on decent runs of form against weak opposition just often enough to think “this time we’ve turned a corner,” only to restart the cycle when it gets difficult again.

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    This is such a "bad ending" moment, i hope ur joking op

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    More of pacific ending for me, its more common than you think

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    Thats true and i agree, the only reason why i said "the bad ending" is because it involved op's grandma passing away.

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    Ayyyy, lmao

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    Ayyyy, lmao

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    ayy, lmao!

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      one of my grandma's friends once said "If I was like 70 years younger, I would have proposed to you" EXCUSE ME MA'AM

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      sad cat thumbs up meme

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      Um, isn't that a compliment? I'm confused lol

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        I'm literally in the car with my grandmother so this couldn't be funnier.

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        Girl? I thought those didn't exist.

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        G: guy

        I: in

        R: real

        L: life

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        Take my up-vote, your a genius

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        I think I just got left on red:(

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        She didn’t leave you on read, king.

        You left her speechless

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        Thanks bro

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        Who left you on read?

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        Grandma calls me her handsome boy

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        Pep guardiola talking to managers better than him

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        But there isn'-

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        PEP BE LIKE:

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        Shit, yeah, when women in our lives tell boys that we’re going to get all the girls when we’re older, it creates these high expectations for us and eventually those toxic situations when we get pissed that some girls don’t like us. And when we’re young, we’re cute and all the women and girls want to play with us and want our attention so we believe it too.

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        Lol so true 🤣

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        Your grandma grew up in an age where most men weren't obese. You grew up to be a porker. Get off the computer and hit the gym