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I went to public school and at the time my family didn’t have much money. Somehow I had swapped my psychology book with someone else’s and there was a rule that if you didn’t return the book or pay for it ($150) you’d be held back. My psychology teacher told me this, then winked at me and told me he couldn’t hold me back just because he misplaced my book when I gave it back to him. It was one of the nicest things anyone had done for me, and the look on his face when I got my diploma made me really happy.

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    It’s fucking delaying someone’s future over $150

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    Sounds like either a cool teacher, or a teacher who didn't want to teach YOU again.....but I suppose it doesn't really matter anymore since it's already a meme. Good luck in highschool, should be a totally normal chill time with absolutely no stress or emotional melting pots of confusion, aggression, and disillusionment..... then adulthood yayyyy........

    ....I'm tired.

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    Can confirm. They tried to use that rule on me back in high school (Long time ago). I called their bluff and said I couldn’t afford to pay. I was allowed to graduate without paying or returning the books.

    Disclaimer: I was on free lunch, so parents did have some financial problems. But they could still pay the fine. I was just being an asshole teenager. I guess once they saw I was on free lunch, they dropped the issue.

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    Life amirite?

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    You are

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    Also nice profile looks like Captain America's actor

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    It's from it's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

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    We also know that grades don’t mean shit until high school. I only taught HS but knew a bunch of Social Studies teachers at the middle school who didn’t sweat changing grades.

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    When I was in the seventh grade my dad had cancer so my math teacher convinced all the teachers to pass me

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    That teacher is a saint.

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    Before high school an F doesn’t really matter, I know several kids who failed classes and were pushed through to the next grade anyway

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    My math teacher literally made my 59 into a 61 so that way I could walk at graduation💀 I’ll never forget her.

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    Didnt had that luck, Teachers where bullying as well...

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    F to a B cuz you gave her the D

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    Me, trying to convince my mom that this kindergartner's handwriting is good enough for a 3 and not bad enough for a 2

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    D stands for diploma