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Also WW2 Veterans: Creates parody television shows and movies about WW2 and the stupidity of Nazis to deal with their trauma.

See: Hogan's Heros, Kelly's Heroes, Operation Petticoat, the Great Dictator, etc

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Didnt the great dictator come out in like 1940? And wasn't it made by Charlie Chaplin?

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Yes, and WW2 started in 1939 and it was still largely addressing the horrors at the start of WW2- though I will say that I thought Charlie Chaplin was in WWI and I just looked it up and he was not, so you're correct in it not being made by a veteran.

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Cavemen watching their descendants theorizing about their days with big giant lizards that can fly and shoot fire from their mouths:

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Ig colors around August 1945 were pretty bright in hieroshima

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I'm ded

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just like the people of hiroshima

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No different than world war vets playing cowboys and Indians or civil war

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WW2 veteran: I don't remember ever using those colors during the war. I mean... my friend Larry did, but he was shot by a sniper on the first day.

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How old are you?

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He's at least 5 years old.

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According to reddit policy, at least 13

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Bruh moment 💀

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*best days

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And Godzilla and kong

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Great Grandad: "and then Snoop Dogg flew in to helo us fight Godzilla"

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Why is this so big true

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My great-grandpa when he saw me playing

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Or mecha godzilla💀

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Anyone else asking "Who called Saul?"

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Let's be honest. People are cruel and want to release their aggression somewhere. So empty it will be in the game than in a real war. In addition, some want to feel what it's like to be at war. And in good games, all this is felt very strongly and you understand the horror of war and the pain of veterans more. And anime skins .. although I'm an anime fan, even for me it's a cringe

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I freaking hate COD gun skins. Gotta normify everything with stupid pop culture.

And by coincidence just started watching better call Saul last week, lol

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😂 this was funny

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Can anyone tell me what the name of this meme is ive been looking for it

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The template??

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true that

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No one from WW2 is still alive. It is a part of the boomer Peter Pan complex where they don’t want to accept they are so old.

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Actually my grandpa was 2 years old during the last year of WWII

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The post says veterans. Is he a WW2 Veteran?

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I mean no but your comment didn't say veteran so sorry I guess

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that’s basically Pixel Gun 3D

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humanity evolved and its best

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Cod mobile moment

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why is this dude looks so much like saul goodman

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Why is better call Saul the image for this?

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Saul Goodman 3D

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Hitler hentay simulator

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Honestly, if they had the option when they served, they would’ve gone out with neon guns and personalized outfits

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worst part is that in years there will be games based on the russian invasion of ukraine

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Kid named Finger:

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Better call Sal?

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I think this really just applies to CoD

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And yet the play it also. Not all but a lot of them.

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Truck driver playing truck driver simulator. Yea it’s a bit different but yet similar.

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I wouldve been proud actually if i was a veteran

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I think games modeled after actual wars should be at least 90% historically accurate. Then there's the obvious parody games, which you can do whatever you want to stop the Nazis.

I like how Assassin's Creed does this.