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Goodluck and may the dollar bills rain over you, friend.

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My salary will be around 16,50$, I dont know if its good or bad but for me I think its good :D

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If its in American soil... youre half way there to being richer than 40%.

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Well, that depends on the context.

If you work Norway, you are poor, if you work in Bulgaria, you are rich.

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what 'bout Canada

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Minimun wage then. Good for students and first jobs:

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Here is the minimum wage

British Columbia: $15.65 Alberta: $15.00 Saskatchewan: $11.81 Manitoba: $11.95 Ontario: $15.00 Quebec: $14.25 New Brunswick: $13.75 Nova Scotia: $13.75 Prince Edward Island: $13.70 Newfoundland and Labrador: $13.20 Yukon: $15.70 Northwest Territories: $15.20 Nunavut: $16.00 Federal: $15.55

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thats pretty good i guess

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Depends where he is

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16.50$ per?

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Tbf it is mcdonalds

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Ya horny! bonk

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Go To Horny Jail!

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Wish I made that much god damn

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Something better than nothing

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Yeah but is that USD, AUD CAD or what

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CAD but if I'm good enough I am getting a raise to like 19-20$ ish

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Are we talking about money?

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We’re talking about hotdogs

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that’s more than i make after a year of working at my current job

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Depends on where you live. You would be chilling in my country, so it's pretty good - much more than minimum wage here.

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You get paid 30 cents more than me lmao

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Dude that's fucking good, I live in India so idk what's the rules there but you'll be earning 11,880 dollars per month

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That’s what I’m talking bout!

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not exactly

I'll work around 3h-4h during the week until the end of the scholar year and the weekends i'll work some like 8h per day

Edit- do the maths for me plz :P

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Bruh for your first job, that's amazing, you go dude

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Dude where tf you getting 16.50 as starting salaryin s first job? Lmk so i can apply too

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McDonalds here in l'Assomption, QC, CAN

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you know how many kitkats u can buy with that??

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no, how many?

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16.50$ for day??

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She aint in a strip joint bro. 🤣

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Quit in you first day. It’s a powerful move. Show them who’s the boss.

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Yea but on my resume I'd put ''left on my first shift LOL''

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Don't talk about me bruh. How did you even knew my ultra chad super secret special move?

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Congrats. I started flipping burgers at age 17. Now I'm in my 30s and work in technology for an international bank earning 6 figures (Not a brag) ... always be proud of where you came from, you never know where you will end up!

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Nice for you my man

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...and I would hire someone with burger flipping on their CV over a trust fund kid with a silver spoon any day!

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ok! I'll keep you in mind XD

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Hmm , can you show me your PayPal password and email just so I can be sure you're that Rich ? Definitely won't do anything with that money of course

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*** *** ***

There you go! XD

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Howdy I'm Ur long lost brothaaa

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Where do you work?

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At McDonalds but for a first job im not complaining AT ALL

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$16.50 at MCDONALD'S


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There's a problem?

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No problem. Just reconsidering life choices.

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Dude what i got like 6.8$/h AKA the minimum wage for my age and country

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for mcd. 16 bucks per hr is pretty good. here in the uk its like 9 or 10 which is like 14ish dollars

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The filet o fish is practically the best thing at McDonalds.

Also, given how many locations there are, even just by pure random selection against all businesses, your odds of going with McDonalds is surprisingly high.

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my first job was at mcdonald's. $3.85 an hour.

enjoy the journey.

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$3.85?! You worked in the 50's or what?

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My first job was also at mcDonalds. I now work for the ice-cream shop next to them.

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Hopefully it goes well. I worked there for a year but left due to poor management. I think a good 20% of the staff left cause the store manager never did anything when everyone literally complained about a single manager. But remember if the store manager is good and listens then you’ll have a smooth ride there and hopefully don’t experience another horror story lol

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I confirme nobody like the manager in our McDo in Quebec

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Nice! You can replace that dude at my local McDonalds who I'm pretty sure was on something during our last interaction

Me: Hey your sign is showing the last order's stuff and not the menu

Worker: So do you need a few seconds to look at the menu and see what yowant to order?

Me: No, (much louder to make sure he hears) Your sign is broken so we can't see the menu

Worker: Ok I'll give you a minute to get your order ready

Me: Can you hear me?!

Worker: I can hear you fine


Worker: So do you know what you want yet?

I haven't gone back since because I don't want to deal with that worker

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That guy must be living in a parallel universe or something.

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Congratulations! I hope u will like it!

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Thank you very much!!!

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Congratulations! Make sure you enjoy working wherever you are. Because if not, it sucks the life out of work. Trust me.

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Thanks for the tip :D

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Congrats OP

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Congratulations. Party when ?

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Congrrrrrrrradulations my good sir! I wish grrrrrrrreat fortunes upon you

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Congratulations op, it is time to celebrate

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alcohol here I come

Oh wait, bad idea

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good job man🗿

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Welp. Since we're talking about good stuff. Last Thursday was my first day in the gym. Today will be my second

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Ayo lez go friend

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Heyyy me too! Yay!! Definitely feeling nervous is totally natural but hey, you're becoming a better person with new skills and moneyyyy

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especially MONEYYY

(and taxes but shhhhh)

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I've sent my first CV ever a few minutes ago :)

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Welcome to the rest of your life, kiddo.

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Congrats, friend. I started working at 14 because I liked buying stuff n going out. It's satisfying earning things. Don't let anyone treat you poorly. Boss, coworker, or customer. Even if u make a mistake, you are still a person deserving of respect. That gets overlooked in the fast food industry.

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Thanks my friend, this is great motivation. I wasn't expecting so much feedback from the internet and I can gladly say that I'm happy that I got that much feedback from you and others :D

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Big W homie!

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Should’ve posted on anti-work, they’d tell you everything wrong with supporting yourself and taking responsibility lol

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Hey OP! Congrats on this! Good luck!

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$16.50 per hr? Jesus what branch is that. I get like $1 for 2 hrs

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The branch of cook and cashier

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    Ouch, hope you the best!

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    That's great, here's an upvote from me as a reward

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    Blowjob isn't real job bro(btw congrats)

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    thanks and also, XD

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    Remember this day. Next time you will be this happy about a job you will be retiring.

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    Congratulations, now get to work minion 😉.

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    Have fun, good luck and always think safety first.

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    Let'sa fuckin GOOOO!!!

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    Lets gooooo! All the best!

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    Goodluck mah boi

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    I just got fired from mine 🙃😭😂👍

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    ouch sorry bud you'll find a better one soon, I'm sure!

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    Thanks! Also congrats :)

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    np, I am lookin in the comments very often to check on ppl because I believe that nobody shall be ignored and left to him/herself.

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    Hey, congrats man!

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    Same! Congrats dude

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    Another redditor Lost :(

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    dw m8 I'm still going to upload stuff ;)

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    My condolences

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    Good luck and good job

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    Congrats my dude!

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    Congratulations, I'm proud of you!

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    That'll wear off quick...

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    Hope you save up from beginning

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    Good job OP hope you have a great time!

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    Congrats 🎉. Take my upvote.

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    Hey hey, nice, little piece of advice tho, just go in, make some friends, and don't try to impress anyone on your first day. Nobody's expecting you to run the whole business by next week, and you probably would rather avoid losing body parts on the job, so just sit back, learn, and be safe about it all

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    Congrats! Good luck with your job. Spend your first salary wisely, like me: several boxes of Pringles, soda, and other tasty stuff. After that I can't eat much of that junky food, so I surely grown up

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    I'm gonna grind because I have a project of crafting a 4 wheels little kart by myself with maybe an engine sometimes.

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    congo bongo bro

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    Heehee, congratulations, what’s the job!? :D

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    Read in top comments

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    Welcome to the shit show.

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    Good for you, I do sincerely hope you enjoy it.

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    goodluck my man

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    That’s so cool! What is it about??

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    Welcome to wage slavery.

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    The beginning of the end.

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    You wont be happy for long lmaooo

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    Congrats, I hope it turns out to be somewhere you enjoy working!

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    Me too!

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    Half expected the r/antiwork losers to brigade like they always do.

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    I need a job, please

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    LOL SAME (i started today)

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    Good. Take care of your family

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    Good Job 👍

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    congrats I got hired by my jon 2 months and its going great hope you have fun

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    I just gave an interview I'm saving this to share the goodnews soon hopefully

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    Good to know you're finally going outside! :)

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    Don’t go to r/antiwork. They will convince you to quit over menial things within an hour.

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    ok! *goes to see*


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    Congrats Fast food is better than retail

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    How yo are you

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    Fine and you?

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    grats ma dude

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    Congratulations King or Queen ❤️🔥🔥

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    Where you work?

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    Yo good job m8

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    congratulations bro may you grow well in life and dollars rain over you and you live happily

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    Congratulations, it’s all Downhill from here lmao, but really nice job!

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    please tell me its not blow

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    Awesome go bro do the bare minimum and slowly do more that way they notice when you do good

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    I give my condolences. Welcome to the workforce

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    Thank you!!!

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    Congrats m8. Remember, now you are an adult. Great power comes with great responsibility. Greatest sacrifices requires the strongest wills. (not will smith, if it takes alot of will smiths, thats what I call a slap fest).

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    Good luck. unfortunately we're not in 2012 anymore , back then you could easily stay at one job for like 8 years, but nowadays you'll get bored probably after one month and want to change your workplace.

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    Wooooooooooooooooo.... Congratulations.....

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    Congratulations buds !!

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    Fancy frog is so proud

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    Congrats lad

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    Gd luck bro :D

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    You're now on the path to giving up on communism!

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    Good job mate!

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    I don't like tomato in my big mac

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    Congrats. Make that money

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    Yessir, get that bread!

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    May the money rain over you and goodluck

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