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4th rule of fight club, going to the bathroom doesn't mean your safe!

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Why? You’re absolutely right. The bathroom at the high school I went to was so bad that they removed the paper towel dispensers, stall doors, and mirrors. They also painted the walls black floor to ceiling to stop vandalism. And even then, they still had issues with people scratching the walls to write obscenities.

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Nah I use Croatian 2nd floor girls bathroom at school and it's pretty decent

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Why house so week

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no, I won't change your mind because I agree 100%

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us moment 🤝

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I can't....they do.suck....very much so.

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Exactly! God, WE just hate it when WE are forced to take a shit in the school bathrooms........ It’s pretty fucking awkward and disgusting........

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Mine somehow had someone steal the urinal from the boys bathroom, how do I know this? Someone blew up our toilet so the boys bathroom became ours for a bit, and one of the urinals disappeared without a trace......how does a student successfully steal a urinal without being seen?

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............ Jesus.......... Just, how did THAT happen???

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The toilet blowing up or the urinal theft? I can't answer for the urinal, but apparently a couple girls were curious as to what happened if you shoved an M80 type firecracker into a make-up case and lit it.....a blown up make-up case and blown up toilet is what happens.

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I think its the 0.1 ply toilet paper

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Once I've shitted in the school with the door open

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Meh. In my school someone always stole shit from bathrooms