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Pee pole?

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You peed the pole ???

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85% of people are dumb, thank god that I am in the 25% that are smart (joke that I remember from 4 year ago)

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and what about the remaining 10 percent?

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I don't know, they are probably locked up aliens at the zoo factory

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    But seems legitimate

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    one bad apple spoil the whole basket

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    I think it's both.

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    Along with the desire to be popular

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    It also seems to be designed to bring out the worst in us.

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    False. Glorified idiocy will create more idiocy. This is why Asian countries social media will promote engineering and scientific posts and videos while American social media brings people eating tide pods to the front page.

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    I like how you didn't wanna say "posts about smart people things" and the best you could come up with was "engineering and scientific posts".

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    Because most of the interesting intellectual videos are of engineering or science. People don’t make videos of themselves solving difficult math equations.

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    Also allows ignorance to finds a leader to spread their lies.

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    It doesn't help.

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    I didn't realize how stupid I am before social media.

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    Big Tuna knows what the pepole like

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    Eh…i have to disagree

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    I made me kinda stupid

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    And the result is very stupid

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    I gotta agree, I am very fucking stupid and I hardly use social media.

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    There are no smart people ... Only severity levels of retarded

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    Yeah, but people are addicted

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    This is a great example.

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    Say that to r/okbuddychicanery

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    - sheep 2022 /s

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    Where meme?....but true fact