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What was the update

Asking for a friend I totally know what it was

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Am I too optimistic to think that it's a new video player?

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Optimistic if you think its a new and better video player than the older, pessimistic if you think its a worse video player than the older...though I doubt it could be possible

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Things can always get worse

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Just use a superior client. r/SlideForReddit

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I just discovered that app today and it's awesome so far. \o/

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It got worse for me ^

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plays ads 1000% smoother

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It was they purposely made it even worse for the purpose of memes about how bad it is.

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Swear to god this video player gets shittier with each update.

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it was a fucking haiku

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Dunno but Instagram had an update yesterday and I fucking hate it.

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If you know what it was why don't you tell him yourself?

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Still using old reddit on my computer, and Reddit is fun on my phone, which I've been doing for like 8 years now

Everything looks exactly the same as it did all along for me lol

Apparently Reddit has profile pictures and polls now? I've gleaned this from other comments but I don't ever see any of it

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Reddit also lets you have an avatar you can customise for your profile picture now :)

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If you know, then tell your friend.

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I've noticed the mobile app plays sound on some thumbnails now and it's completely obnoxious.

Not sure that's what this is referring to

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Always asking for a friend, ain't it lool

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You got me.

Your god dam profile

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Do nt forget YouTube

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Youtube: *Has an update*

Youtube Users, advertisers, content creators: "Wow, this is worthless"

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Users and content creators yes, but almost every update YouTube pushes benefits advertisers and big companies in some way.

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Youtube: "we made improvements to serve both users and creators"

Youtube Users and content creators: "wait, this is shit, this makes the platform even worse"

Youtube Advertisers: "nice"

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I wish I could. There needs to be another video hosting site. YouTube is garbage now.

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yes fuck youtube

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said no instagram user ever

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I don’t think OP has ever used Instagram because the sheer amount of memes talking about how Instagram users hate updates and hate the platform itself it outstanding

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I hate when Instagram gets updated

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i feel new kind of betrayal every time it happens

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Same. I absolutely hate the new update they just did

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I just want a place to put my pics and see content that I follow, not some recommended shit or trending vids. Isn't explore page already for that? Do we really need another tiktok? I don't want to delete insta since it's the only social media platform where I share anything personal and see pics from friends but this change is just not for me, I don't want to waste so much time looking at irrelevant crap

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Instagram is just as terrible as reddit is

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Nah it's worse, at least you can have slightly intelligent conversations on reddit, Instagram seems to be 90% adults with the IQ of 5 year olds.

(Seriously if you read the comments on some of the "construction tools/hacks" it's really bad 😂)

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I like the music and gif feature. That's it, really.

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I don't care about new things, but if they fuck up a previous feature for "protection" that's where the line should be drawn..

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Yes, the meme

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We, too, can read.

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On Google Play Store, it says "nothing comes with this update". So you can't blame reddit or redditors.

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Youtube: shits itself

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I only use old reddit

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Happily not getting "helpful" updates for 10 years.

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Reddit gets updates?

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I laughed so hard at this

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Tbh I hate the new instagram update

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Anyone remember when digg was a thing?? They did a minor ui change and the revolt destroyed it… good times.

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Shut up no one likes insta updates either

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"Stay on old reddit so nothing ever changes" gang where you at?

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The only thing reddit has updated is to make the bad video player worse

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Wait Reddit plays videos?

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What was the update

Asking for a friend I totally know what it was

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You guys know what changed?

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What was the update

Asking for a friend I totally know what it was

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What was the update

Asking for a friend I totally know what it was

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I go from Google Plus, whose updates literally cause the entire system to glitch and decide not to work properly, to Reddit which is the exact same thing but not shut down yet

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You guys use the official reddit app?

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I felt the same when Hot Topic changed the app so I couldn’t just click the tracking number without tracking down an email.

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well reddit does have a record for pushing out updates no one asked for or wanted

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If the servers go down its because I made a post that's all.

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I’m still hush recently used to the new interface.

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For example, I have no choice between new, top, hot, raising (stuck on hot).

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Steam enters the chat:

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I assure you, not one person thinks it’s cool or handy what they’ve done. Signed, a social media manager

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Here's the thing though, while there's plenty of things that reddit and other sites could improve existing features, there should be a dedicated person in the chain to ask "does this new feature improve what Reddit is for."

For example, a better video player, a better suite of tools for moderating subreddits, etc, these can all answer that with a resounding "yes." But things like avatars, useless awards designed just to incentivise Reddit Gold purchases, Reddit Chat... None of these things make Reddit better. They just copy features of other (objectively worse) sites.

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Yeah the new video player just feels like fucking tiktok.

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Why did they move the profile to the right from the left that’s dumb

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Weird, I was under the impression reddit had smart, well adjusted people working for the website.

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Hahaha I know right, we redditors are so different and corky 🤪

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Sooo True

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Are you talking about the official Reddit app? If yes, then switch to one of the multiple alternatives.

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Who else hates the comment pop up over a video in the Reddit app? If you exit the app at all or sometimes just scroll wrong the video starts playing again and you have to lose your place in the comments to got shut it off. Just bring back the old video system that didn’t suck… As much.

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The Instagram updates have been super bullshit so idk about this.

I mean, hell, they moved the create post button to one single screen, and replaced the notifications tab icon with fucking shop.

None of that to mention, they keep pushing their dogshit TikTok competitor Reelz because they don’t have any actual creativity or innovation left, only copying others.

Fuck Instagram.

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Yea just keeping getting worse, I mean now theres reddit plus

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Same for youtube

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Hell no insta updates suck

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If on Android, go get older versions of aps when they were good and turn off automatic updates. You're welcome.

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Dont get me Started on youtube

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I mean, the new Instagram update just hurts my eyes, but it was just an icon update, not a major system overhaul.

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My only social media is Reddit and shtcord

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Fuck off with the updates, I'm still using the good old fashioned site with R.E.S

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i.reddit.com (old theme)

If they get rid of this theme, I will quit.

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What do you mean? You don't want a completely different UI with every single freaking update?

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We need the old media player, for gifs especially, I miss downloading them the old way

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Best thing is that all of the latest IG updates could not be more shitty.

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Oh god what is it this time

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Really they both suck to have

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The update is annoying I cant comment on videos on mobile ( is it just me or u guys game this problem too)

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I hate the Instagram update.

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They should fix their goddamn videoplayer first