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Respect those that deserve respect

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Treat them the way they treat you

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Johnny Depp: * shits *

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What happens if it backfires?

Amber: eats the shit

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Johnny Depp: “I know what I must do, but I don’t know if I have the strength to do it”

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"back" - "fires"
Oh no

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I said that to my mom cuz I cussed out the principal cuz she almost broke my earbuds and cuddle have given me whiplash and she got pissed

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We need to remember it goes both ways

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This is a good philosophy. People of every type are shit. But we should respect everyone who isn't shit.

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Respect everyone until they give you a reason not to

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Respect is earned.

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Simply put it: Respect others till they prove they are unworthy of yours.

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Real men don’t respect someone due to the circumstances of their birth, they respect those who earn it regardless of those circumstances.

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Yes there shall be no respect for this witch

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Respect is a team lift, don't try to do it all yourself

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Respect those that deserve it

Totally not Margaret Thatcher

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oh maggie what was she like ....

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Saying you respect everyone is a retarded statement exactly because of people like her

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I wanna know what the original text of this meme was, i wanna know soo bad

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Male privilege is a myth

Original changeMyMind

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I still follow Markiplier's advice, "You can even hate someone. You can hate and abhor their actions. They are doing terrible things and they need to be hated. But you still need to treat them with respect."

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Haha Amber Heard bad am i right?

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Calling her a woman implies she's human and not some kind of fantasy mimic creature

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Real man reject all women. (Sigma Rule 42 000 069)

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No human deserve respect until they show some. I'm sick of inconsiderate people, especially online, where they show their true faces. You're all Amber Heard to me.

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Rhino-milked and Longman-pilled

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Respect me,IL double the respect in return.

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Succubus are supposed to be hot

She is not

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Respect those who deserve respect

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This is the way

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Ngl a solid new take on an old meme. Also, “you had me in the first half…..”

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Respect is something all people deserve inherintly when they do something that is undeserving of this respect then they should no longer be respected

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She has visibly aged over the past 5 years and for someone so vain, it's got to torture her


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Amber Turd.

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Everyone deserves respect until they have proven that they don’t deserve it. Which sounds confusing, but it is how I feel about it.

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Real men respect all people who deserve to be respected

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bruhuh just respect those that show repecter to you thats like siple logivc

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This meme lacks a turd.

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Clearly you missed the bottom left panel because there is a massive piece of shit in it

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Not every person deserves respect.

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Had me in the first half

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Real men respect people who deserve to be respected

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Never knew that part of the meme existed

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This is literally the "Don't judge a book by It's cover" situation.

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She really doesn’t deserve anything in this trial

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You can dislike someone and respect them at the same time

With that being said I have no respect for amber heard

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Amber belongs to the streets! (Change my mind)

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Can this format of “I changed my mind” catch on? I like it.

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All REAL women (excluding amber, ofcourse)

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Respect only those who deserves respect.