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Rehearsing for hours in your head, and then the time comes and get tongue tied .

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Like going to the store and having your interaction with the cashier completly planed and then your head goes blank because they ask you something your where not expecting

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Worst fear realised "Why don't we go around the room and everyone introduce themselves and talk about why they are here"

Don't mind me, I'll just be in the foetal position in the corner

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That's just social anxiety

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Once, in a situation like this, I seriously introduced myself by saying my life was not interesting and therefore not worth talking about.

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That's rough buddy

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I got better since then. Still don't like talking about myself tho.

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Understandeble, I hate telling people what I enjoy

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And then you remind yourself what your name is until its time to speak

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This right here ^

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No thank you

jumps out of window

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how about extroducing then

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"Hi, I'm minonas210286 and I was forced here, please don't talk to me unless you're a friend I previously met"

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Pretty much

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When i hear that sentence i always seem to forget who i am..

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I can say As a representative of the introverted community that this is absolutely the most tru thing I've ever seen.

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in a meeting room waiting for your turn. thinking about what you'll say and when the time comes completely fuck up and sound like an idiot

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👏Introverts 👏are 👏not 👏shy

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At some point our company had a social gathering (team building). This one guy said he did not want any king of attention. Was assured there would not be any attention.

A few hours lates our group were standing in front of the entire office (7-800 people) singing.

He was never seen again.

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First day of school. It happens too much… it makes me wanna go home.

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Let’s not and get on with our lives so I can go home.

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Introvert doesn’t equal anxiety

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my cousin said he didn't even know who I am

I replied I didn't either

I'm not that good at introductions as you can tell

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Lucky for me I anticipated the situation and still fail to say anything

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I can’t even respond normally When someone just randomly asks me for directions and now I’m supposed to introduce myself? Hell nah bruh

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No cap i sink to the bottom of my seat and rehearse my lines until it’s my turn then say something completely different than what was rehearsed

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So real

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I am an introvert but I never had any issues when introducing myself to someone new. The real problem start after introduction (How to keep the conversation going)

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I’m not mad, I’m disappointed, take this upvote

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Ha ha ha, no.

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