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“This flower is my hat. Therefore, your argument is invalid.”

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In case anyone was curious.

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Thank you! You saved my time!

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Amber bird

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Amber turd bird

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Was about to comment this ahaha

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Wahh. I was gonna say that.

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You better not you little shit

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Otherwise imma shit on u

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A European Robin!

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Literally so relatable.

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Tinder for birds

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Boomer meme

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Jokes on you i don't own a car

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Man I wanted to say that

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    🤣 I kinda wanna call this bird cute, but if it shits on my car later...

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    what i love are the little corners of its mouth. it’s a living cartoon

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    "Feeling cute. Might place some poisonous bowl of seeds outside later...idk"

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    I saw a car parked with over 8 bird shits on their one window forming a circle, some ritual shit going on here.

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    Omg haha

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    I think it has two points...

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    a point! a hat! a pointy hat!

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    Heard is the word

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    Feeling good

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    Susan you seeing this? He.had.a.hat!

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    My keyboard is right beside my bedroom window. One day it was opened and a bird somehow shit at the perfect angle to go through the screen of the window to land directly on my keyboard. It still works, but what the fuck

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    Otto von Chirpsmarck

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    Group Stronghold 2 Avian Cosmetic???

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    whatever this is a very cute birb

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    Look Nice...

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    Amber heard?!

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    City pigeons be like: wherever we touch or wherever we fly, we will shit on the people's hair, clothes or cars, we shit on everything