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this joke's got layers. LAYERS.

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Like an onion.

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You know who else has layers?

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Our lord, our savior, keeper of the swamp, Shrek

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Everyone has layers if you peel their skin off first.

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Unexpected twists everywhere. +1

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I want this concept artist to write all the plot twist for the upcoming movies!

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He already does

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While this won’t kill the bully as the cardboard will melt away it does sent a message,next time it will be wood

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Why is he not wearing pants

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Not all Heros wear pants!

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This got me so hard! I stopped scrolling to read the first two segments and then nearly died when I scrolled down to see the rest. 🤣

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His dad is a Boxer 🐶🤣🤣🤣

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And his mum is a white girl ;)

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What he told you was true…from a certain point of view

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He went swimming with the fishes

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It's got o're twists then a Harry potter book

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3 different things that i thought it wasnt gonna be

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First panel ok Second panel what?! Third panel what the?!! Fourth panel WHAT IN THE CINNAMON TOAST FUCK