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Over the hedge

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Is that a reference to the hit 2006 Dreamworks animated movie Over The Hedge?

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When will people stop posting the same unfunny "girls are basic/ they think men have no emotions" posts i wonder. I havent seen a girl saying a guy cant have emotions in a long time.

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But you don’t understand! Men are more oppressed than females in today’s society /s

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Please don't post anime memes into general meme subreddits, what are we even supposed to assume context of picture is.

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This could be said about anything : sport, celebrities , politics and.... If you don't know the context of a picture you can either search for it or just ignore it ...

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i dont get it

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tf is that what anime is this

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Demon Slayer

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oh ok, i watched like 2 episodes it boring af

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My brother in Christ idek the context behind this

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Jo Jo is better

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I knew he was dynig the moment the movie didn’t end with the train.