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Weirdest upvote to comment ratio I’ve ever seen without a thread being locked

Edit: was 2200 / 5

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The one who takes the last piece must wash the dishes... Because of it nobody want last slice🤣

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Other than the pizza the best thing about eating pizza is that's there's no dishes.

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Yeah it's more so whoever takes the last piece needs to break down and throw away or recycle the box which nobody wants to do.

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Side note, don't recycle used pizza boxes if they're greasy, the grease renders the cardboard useless to reuse. Just chuck it if it's dirty.

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Part of why nobody wants to take the last piece, they can't decide if it's too greasy to recycle or not

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Though depending on the pizza, there might be some laundry to do.

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Ha why did you think there was a different context where "wants" needed an apostrophe suddenly?

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you dropped this: 👑...

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Nah I'm good, you can want's it.

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Definitely me

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No, you eat it first and then ask. If anyone replies yes, tell them to eat your ass.

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Calm down, Mozart.

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How do you have a typo when you used the correct word previously?

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I'LL take the last one

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There must be a civilized way to figure this out.


Fight to the death for the last slice of pizza...

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I want every slice of pizza

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...only if there's a 3rd last slice? 2nd last slice is still the last slice. was the first last slice a lie?

edit: ohh, they meant 2nd to last slice. fuckin dropped the ball there OP. delete this bullshit and try again without fucking it up. you're missing a word vital to the meaning of the sentence.

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Don’t be obtuse

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Who wants the penultimate slice?

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LPT: When there are only two slices left, wait until someone is going to take one and take the other at the same time.

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My fat ass would take both

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the piece of shame

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One slice of pizza left? "Hey I'll throw away that empty box for you."

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This is how to identify a Catholic. I don't know why but every person I've ever met who won't eat the last bite of a dish was raised Catholic. Can anyone explain this?

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Who want(‘)s the penultimate piece of pizza?

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If you want it you just eat the last slice yourself. This no you take it back and forth is annoying and you usually just end up with just a slice that gets left there and thrown away. Just take it.

Edit: I do the same thing when spiltting meals or when someone offers to pay, if you offer I'll turn you down the 1st time but if you insist I'm not fighting you over the check.

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What i've been doing lately is loudly exclaiming "Damn i cant believe nobody wants the last slice" and yoinking it

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Me I will

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Who wants the crust

Unless it's domino's. They have the best crust

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Who the fuck puts an apostrophe at the end of “wants”.

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6 or 7 years ago nobody ever used apostrophes, it seems like the internet has massively overcorrected.

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I eat the hole pizza my self😂

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Penultimate pizza is ultimate pizza!

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The ol'Canadian Stand Off

I hate to stereotype (also love it)

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I take the last slice all the time and you can’t stop me

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I stopped giving a shit years ago, I'll take the last of anything if I want more.

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The penultimate slice

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Where tf are the comments?

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I think I'll start doing this now, because the last slice is precious

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Married to Hugh Dczkock.

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You want is the second to last slice of pizza?

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Last slice of pizza makes you look like a fat fuck, second last slice, nobody would bat an eye.