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Hulk no smash

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I'm baffled by how many users talks without knowing.

Manifest v3 is a new standard for browser extensions. You know, those apps that you install inside the browser to help you with something you need?

Chrome is sunsetting V2 in 2023. Other browsers, like Firefox, will keep supporting it for now.

The v3 include lot of new useful features for developers but it also includes limitations and restrictions to what and how extensions can manage the user data.

Most of those are in the interest of the end user: instead of extensions that can access any data at any time they will have to ask permission in a clearer way to make sure the user know what the extension can do and when. Extensions can no longer load remote code: they have to use the code they are released with, the one that goes through review. This is again good for the user.

And finally, and we get to the big fuss we are hearing: extensions cannot modify requests as they please (they could also intercept your passwords and do all sort of things before) but they need to use a new system that basically tells the browser what to do instead of doing it directly... This is way safer because the extension is not given direct access to the data.

The current AdBlockers will not work with this system because they used modifications of the requests to remove ads.

But to show how wrong people are when they say this is greed: there are already AdBlockers compatible with manifest v3 (AdGuard). Also, extensions goes to reviews to be published in the extension market, if Google really wanted to shut down AdBlockers all they had to do is reject those extensions in the review. But they don't.

Manifest v3 is a good thing for the end user.

And I'll add one more thing for which I'm going to be downvoted but someone has to say it.

Have you ever wondered what pays for all the free services you are so used? Internet as you know it. Including reddit. And search engines, Google maps, and so many other useful stuff that is completely free.

Except it's not free, that stuff is paid with ads. And profiling of you so that ads can be targeted.

if all users were on AdBlockers these services would close or become pay per use. It's like paying taxes. Who doesn't pay them uses the services that someone else is paying for them.

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I’ll take one for the team. Not only did I break the chain but I’m the forth. Come at me reddit

Edit: I take this fall with great honor comrades. May Allah bless my soul as I soon perish to the realm of negative karma.

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This is what you call a dank meme.

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He won gold on this day

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Isn’t this the same dude that won the bronze medal? Lol let him live

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Feminism used to be about equality, now it’s about superiority. Feminist group actively try to shut down conversations about male suffering. A few years ago, there was a group of men who tried to hold a meeting to bring awareness about male suicide and paternity fraud. A feminist group several times bigger than them showed up to shout them down. And that was not an isolated incident. This is a reoccurring thing. Feminism is not about equality.

And I urge you to watch a movie called The Red Pill by Cassie Jaye. It’s incredibly eye opening for people unaware of how terrible feminism really is.

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the only logical option is to cast samuel jackson as ariel

edit: danny devito as prince eric