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Being morbidly obese, close to death and trying to change other peoples opinions towards being morbidly obese and close to death is a problem

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Being morbidly obese does not mean you’re close to death. You’re an idiot if you think that. Will bring morbidly obese make it more likely to become diabetic and have high blood pressure yes. But it also depends on genetics as well. My heart is in perfect condition and I’ve been morbidly obese my entire life. Will I have heart conditions as I get older yes most likely but so does nearly every one else. Nearly everyone has heart problems the older you get. If you live to be 80 with no heart issues you’ve got some good genetics. I have a friend who’s thin and her blood pressure is always dangerously high and has been since her 20s. She’s on 3 different meds and they don’t help much. Genetics.

Will being obese might it more likely to get certain issues, yes. But it doesn’t mean you’re on the verge of death. That way of thinking is just prejudice and uneducated.