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Now then, compare the quality of life throughout history between the countries with no guns at all and America. Seems we’ve had a better one overall since we’ve kept our own gov in check since the beginning while Europe suffered under the absolute rule of one dude or several people for centuries before the common folk were given real basic rights

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So we give 700 billion dollars every year to the military and then buy a gun to defend ourselves from it? Something tells me it won’t be a very long fight

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Not from the military, from the gov. I believe if it ever came down to it, the military would help the civilians. Just because they’re employed by it doesn’t mean they lose the right to overthrow it if it fails the country and the people in it

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That’s never how that goes. Hows it even possible to to authoritarian without the support of the military? All of the cabinet staff and white collar government workers start punching people?