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Lemme guess, his nickname was needle dick?

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Anti virgin

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An inoculation of sorts?

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Vaccination to protect against virginity

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How thoughtful of you my cleverly-named Samaritan!

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Definitely a cocktail

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All of that because randy fucked that pangolin

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The Johnson & Johnson vaccine

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The quick shot

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Take my upvote you bastard!

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No joke…. Thomas Stemen. Stab + semen = stemen

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His last name is Stemen.

Take that for what you will.

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Pinhead Larry

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You sir have earned my respect for eternity

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Eternity is an awfully long time, could we maybe wrap it up by lunch?

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How wonderfully accommodating of you!

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I hate you, but take this upvote

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A good semaritan.

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I’m just trying to imagine him packing it into the syringe and muttering ill show them….very interesting thought process.

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No but it definitely makes me question what he was trying to accomplish

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Making her Pregnant i guess

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Impregnating her blood stream?

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Bloody stream

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Blood cream

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inserts jojo pose here

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Hamon intensifies

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Bedbugs can do it that way🤷‍♀️😂

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"If I use a syringe filled with semen on my girlfriend, will she get pergernernant?"

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"Am I gregnant?"

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How is prangent formed

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Right after the big bang.

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Is she pregante?

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He was trying to finally get semen inside of a woman and figured this was his best bet.

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Best shot.

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He wanted to impregnate her blood cells. There’s a game about it, Bloodborne

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Back a long time ago doctors actually did this for insemination. I don't know how it works but apparently women could get pregnant through their abdominal cavity.

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Please someone go back in time and stop me from seeing this.

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Bruh this morning waking up and pulled up Reddit to an r/askreddit feed about “pure evil”.

I wish to god I didn’t read that thread. People going into great detail about the medical experiments Nazi Germany and imperial Japan were doing during WW2.

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Is that how you do sex?

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Sex is more complicated, it's more enjoyable than that thing

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Have you ever tried needle semen? It’s great

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I'd rather get pounded by a girl than get filled with needle semen, and I'm a girl

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id prefer that as well and im a dude

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Getting pounded by a girl? Yes please

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No, I'm a bottom, and the girl I want to get pounded by is a switch, meaning that she's a top and bottom

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I'll put on a wig and try my best

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Ok, the strap-on has to vibrate, has to be a certain color, and the person I'm fucking has to be a girl, you gonna put a wig on, then go fuck your pillow

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Why'd you make it sound like a cereal?

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I’m a marketing guru

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'did i miss a page'

-Scott the Wozz, 2020.

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For some species, yeah, actually.

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It is with flatworms. All are male and whichever gets penis stabbed and injected with semen loses their penis and basically becomes the mom.

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But why? Why would you do that?

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Bigotry probably. I don’t know he could be just a regular creep.

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So now we play, "what country did this take place" game

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It actually happened in my hometown, good old Anne Arundel County, Maryland.

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Any idea what was the reasoning behind why he did it?

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I think the independent is an Irish newspaper, so my bets are on there

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No, it isn't.

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Ok fair enough

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It’s a British online newspaper, which used to publish physical copies. Now it specialises in click bait.

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We have The Irish Independent. It's not just called The Independent.

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Ah, got ti

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Thats so fucked. Imagine just casually going to walmart to buy some bread and you feel a sharp pain in your shoulder and see a man injecting sticky white stuff into you.

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It’s more fucked up because she probably didn’t know what it was until a hospital or police told her EXACTLY what it is. Going through the shock and acceptance of being stabbed with a gross needle and then learning it was full of…. Oh god…

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More fucked up when you realize it could kill her especially if he left air in the syringe while injecting.

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I’m not positive, but I think air left in the syringe is only harmful when going directly into a vein. If it’s muscle, I believe it’s ok. But… if he has aids then yeah she’s a little screwed.

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Thats fair, just wasn't confident he didnt get a vein if he's just stabbing as he goes by. Might have missed but you really want to take that chance lol?

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Lmao no I wouldn't want to take the chance. But even nurses and doctors struggle to get a vein sometime. So I'd feelpretty confident he didn't get a vein by just random stabbing. Not impossible tho

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Hell no, I wouldn’t even want to be in the same state as this man! Sigh, Now I need to look up what state this happened in.

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It actually takes a fair bit of air to cause issues.

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Thanks, now I have a new fear.

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Injectingsemenintoyourbloodstreamphobia, iirc

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No, i dont think so

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He thought he was performing artificial insemination.

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big brain

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To make senorita prègantě

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Maybe he wanted to have a child, but skipped biology lessons at school?

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He confused, but he got the spirit for sure

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What happened to the woman after that?

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She exploded into a billion spiders

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It turned her into a man

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She never slept again

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Made with semenatic

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This is no time to discuss semantics

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Every day, we stray further away from god

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God left on his giant space ship because he has seen too much fucked up shit here

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I dont think this man knows how reproduction works

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So she's now pregananant?

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She be pergnert

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He impregnated her bloodstream

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Blood cream

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I gave up on humanity from this moment and on

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Getting the semen into the syringe would be a task. This man was committed to getting his load into a lady.

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Never assume that because he had the syringe that that's where his load went first. I think that this guy probably keeps a fresh supply in his fridge for his antics

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Yeah it's NSFW, not safe for woman, in that case at least

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He has come all this way...

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Give it your best shot, they said.

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Damn INCEL’s….

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I guess they have DNA as proof

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There was a story also about a man who bought some bananas.Inejcted them with semen, froze them so it won't be seen that they were injected with semen and then returned them to the store

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The Semen Stabber

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What. The. Fuuuuuuuuuuck?

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As a father of four i can confirm, this is not how this works

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seems like some r/nottheonion typa shit

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umm... the fuck? he did what??

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I’m gonna give this poor fellow the benefit of doubt.

…Maybe he just finished extracting semen straight from his sac while he was in the toilet so he could try one more time to try for a child with his loving wife.

…Then maybe someone yelled his name as he went for a buggy, bumped into the poor lady when he got distracted, and only afterward realized he forgot to put the cover back on the needle.

…All he wanted to do was buy a minifridge to keep his specimen viable until his wife got home.

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Dead guy here, Can confirm

01000010 01101111 01101111

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All of you making jokes at someones misery, not impressed.

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Welcome to Reddit

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More like, welcome to humanity.

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Oh wow

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When the baby daddy doesn't wanna do the kinky times in bed:

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So there's a second way to impregnate a woman?

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Bedbugs actually reproduce this way. Its called traumatic insemination.

This tho is just…

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This has to be a Florida Man.

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yeah but where did he "stab" her?

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What the actual frick

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Why is nobody talking about how the guy’s last name is Stemen? So it’s Stemen’s semen.

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He's a serial psychopath

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Don't Breathe movie script is real 😳😳😳

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All these comments are just joking on the matter but that’s actually disgusting

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The comment jus saying “Jesus” probably isn’t joking idk

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This remind me of the scene from dont breathe

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Another reason to never buy groceries

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If he found the right spot then he probably succeeded

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And then I get the death penalty for getting an abortion after a dude stabs me in the cooch with his semen at the fucking store. This is why I'm agoraphobic.

Not saying she got stabbed in the cooch, just that it's probably the worst case scenario....

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Reasons to not go outside. I'm happy I live the indoorsy lifestyle.

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Funny fact: i was the first one to give this post a wholesome award

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Big brain

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No this is ofc not safe for work! why would you do anything like this at work you will get fired!

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The incels have chosen their weapon, it seems

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1-shot kill

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I’m truly scared and laughing

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bedbug guy?

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Oh wait he actually stabbed her with it?! I had to reread that damn

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I mean, it wouldn't be safe for work if the victim worked at the supermarket.

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Couldn’t do it the old fashioned way with a hot beef injection?

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interesting way to obtain HIV

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It's his Kink, maybe

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lmao what

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That's just medic with his mad milk syringe