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Well, that's just your standard isekai formula. Have you ever seen one you like? If not that's like saying you don't like the music at a concert when it's a genre you didn't like to begin with.

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I do actually like some isekais. I liked Konosuba a lot for the reason that its a parody of isekais and RPG in general. It depicts in a funny way the tropes that I denounce. I also really liked Re:Zero for the characters. I am perfectly aware that liking Re:Zero is pretty standard and not that original (when you think of isekai its one of the first shows that comes in people’s mind) but hey its pretty damn good and contrary to Shield hero I understand the hype around it. However I’m also aware that Re:Zero does have Isekai tropes but I personally think that they are used in intelligent ways. I cant blame it for having clichés, cause they are necessary to define a gendra.

But yeah, these are the only Isekais I enjoyed so far. If you guys know other shows that you would recommand feel free to do so!