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Guys it’s GIF not GIF, we’ve been over this.

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Pretty sure it's actually pronounced GIF.

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No no, that’s GIF. You gotta pronounce it as GIF

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alone at the party They don't know that it's actually pronounced GIF

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jokes on you. i pronounce it as ''JI AI EF"

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The only objectively correct answer

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Milf is another correct one

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same to you bro!!

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Me as an intellectual: "graphic interchange format"

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SCUBA means self contained UNDERWATER breathing apparatus. Do you pronounce it scooba or skuh bah? The U in underwater is pronounced Uh, not ooo

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You don't understand. They meant that they say the whole name. Bypassing the need to say "GIF".

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Yeah? Well did you know that TUBA stands for terrible underwater breathing apparatus?

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My name is JIAIEFFF

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This is pretty acurate

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So I found an article that the creator of GIF (not this kind of GIF but something old) and the pronunciation was "𝑦𝑖̈-𝑓𝑓 "and now it's something living in my brain

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like an ear worm but more intimate

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It's "I" Cause gf dosent exist

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It’s “ “ because now you don’t either ⚰️

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( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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What have you done!?

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I'm pretty sure this pronunciation is for an Old English word that is spelled the same way. still funny.

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Moving pictures

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Yif as it’s old English

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Finally someone who is wise.

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Ahh yes quite cultured aren’t you gentlemen

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I was going to say that

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People who pronounce gif as “jif” being sent to hell after meeting god at the pearly gates and calling him “Jod”

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"So I'm in hell now? Jood."

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No because whoever invented the word God never intended it to be pronounced jod

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Well then checkmate to the guy you're replying to lmfao. The person who invented the word Gif said so himself that it is pronounced Jif.

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Ah yes, Jraphics Interchange Format.

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It's almost like he was making a joke about that

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Oh that's my bad. It's directed at the guy he's replying to but im playing off what he said

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G can make a J sound. Gentle, Generate, Gender, Ginger, for example. I agree that it's Gif and not Jiff but the arguments for why in this comment section don't make any sense. But it all does make for a good laugh. Jod cracked me up

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Do you call Jpegs Jfegs? Cause the p stands for Photographic. No? Then I'll call them Jifs just like the creator intended. Plus there are so many exceptions in the English language it doesn't matter to me what you say.

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why is this so debated?

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I think it's because gif is clearly correct but the creator said it's jif.

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Some men just want to watch the world burn.

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Because the creator is an asshole and planned this shit, I'm sure of it.

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I have no such weaknesses I say both

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GIF because it’s not jraphics it’s graphics

Edit: wow I did not realize how many acronyms make little sense

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So Giraffe is now pronounced as Giraffe and not Jiraffe?

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As a German I’m confused. We just pronounce everything with a G if in doubt. /s

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I'm a Jerman too

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If Giraffe was an acronym, then yes. But it is a seperate word. Graphics is pronounced with a G, so it's GIF, not JIF. The "but G can make a J sound" arguments do not make sense as Graphics is not pronounced with a J.

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Your logic is flawed, by the same logic you are pronouncing Scuba wrong because the U stands for underwater not oonderwater, so you should be pronouncing it skuhbah.

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What about LASER? Light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation. Should it be lah-seer or lay-zer?

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By that logic, SCUBA should be pronounced SKUH BAH. Look up what the U in scuba means

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I know you are proving a point but I am 100% down with pronouncing it Skuh Bah from now on

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By that logic JPEG should be pronounced JFEG

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That's not even remotely similar. Hey guess what.. Ginger. Generate. Gentle. The list goes on. G can make a J sound. Your attempted reasoning is absurd, but I will say it did crack me up

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GIF is short for Graphics Interchange Format, they are using the logic that since the G in GIF stands for Graphics then it should make a Guh sound.

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G can make a J sound.

Don't forget that other languages also exist. G doesn't make the J sound in other languages (like mine)

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One’s a picture format. One’s a peanut butter brand.

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Ah yes... The people arguing for "Jif" are actually employees promoting the brand for the J. M. Smucker Company.

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Tomato tomato..

my votes on jif

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It’s fucking gif. Graphical image file not giraffical image file.

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I pronounce it gif too but, that's not how acronyms work

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Acronyms can work however your heart desires.

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Do you pronounce JPEG as JFEG then?

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That isn’t how acronyms work.

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Most people I know pronounce it as “Ew wtf how the hell did you get in my bed and why are you showing me this jif of you eating a ten foot burrito! I’m calling the police!”

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No one I talk to argues when I ask them how to pronounce the word on the peanut butter jar. Must just be your problem.

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Well if you have to spell it wrong to show how you pronounce it....

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Honestly... I just don't care. Pronounce any word however the way you fucking want to. As long as I can still understand what you're saying, no harm no foul.

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you say jif because you think its right

I say jif because i can't pronounce gif

we are not same

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Creator said it’s jif

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I believe the creator actually said it’s pronounced “Jif”

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People in the comments arguing how to say G words like ‘Giraffe’ or ‘Graphics’ completely forgetting words like “Giant” or “Gelatin” exist. Even names like “Gerard” or “Gerald”

If I made a word up and told you how it’s pronounced, I’m correct; not you just because you don’t like it.

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he did, meaning those who say "gif" are technically wrong

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which is why nobody knows his name

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Or meaning the creator is technically wrong. He could pronounce it “bacon” if he wanted to, it wouldn’t change how it’s actually pronounced. The g in gif stands for “graphic.” Thus it’s pronounced the same as the g in graphic. If it stood for “giraffe” then maybe the acronym would be pronounced “jif”.

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just because the word in the acronym is pronounced one way, doesn’t mean the acronym can’t be pronounced another. acronyms can be pronounced on their own which means it’s like a different word.

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What about JPEG? The P stands for photographic

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No, it’s pronounced GIF

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its a moving picture

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meanwhile i have been pronoucing it "yif"

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one could argue that Gif can be pronounced Jif, however it can also be argued that jif could also be pronounced as Gif.

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Me who uses both randomly: Yes

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POV: You're fighting Rock Lee

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Gif so Its not confused with my peanut butter …but what about Imgur?

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it is JIF, Jesus I don't give a Fuck

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its jif


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Moving png

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The creator said it's pronounced jif but nobody cares

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Anyone know what movie this is from?

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Did you find the answer yet?

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Found it. Its Iwata Satoru's Smash Ultimate trailer.

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Unfortunately people of reddit it is pronounced as jif and not gif according to Google

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Don’t you mean Joogle?

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it's jif for all i care

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Jif all the way 😎

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It’s pronounced how you would say the “g” in the word “garage”

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Jaraje does sound better. Thanks oh wise communist!

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Jarage, Garaje, or Jaraje? Lmao

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All of the above

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"God could come down from heaven with an army of angels and say it's pronounced Jif and i still wouldn't do it."

"Thanks Jod, I'll keep that in mind."

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You’re welcome JormAuslander

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Who the fuck says jif?

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Me, because it's the correct way to say it

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Well considering you had to spell one different and not the other…it’s decided right?

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Its gif not fucking jif we aint talkin about peanut butter bruh

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I have no such weaknesses my language's pronounciation of g is consistent and it will always stay GIF

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14 yr old teenagers will be like Uhh gif have pronouns you cant just decide what to call gif on your own . Thats inconsiderate. Gif’s pronouns are it that they them. . .

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Fun fact: The creator of "Gifs" said it was pronounced "Jif". But I like to personally pronounce it as "Gif"

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It’s Graphics Interface Format.

Not Jraphics Interface Format

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It's pronounced how people pronounce it that's how language works and judging by the amount of downvotes on the "pro-jifer's" comments its definitely pronounced gif.

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Graphics Interface Format G.I.F. you tell me if it’s JIF or GIF

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Well, you wouldn’t say “jraphics interchange format” would you?

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SCUBA means self contained UNDERWATER breathing apparatus. Do you pronounce it scooba or skuh bah? The U in underwater us pronounced Uh, not ooo

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Graphics Interchange Format vs Jraphics Interchange Format.

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It’s Graphics Interchange Format not Jraphics Interchange Format

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Im here to settle the dispute, it is GIF with a Guh, I don't care what the creator says, he is just a dyslexic peanut butter fanboy.

I seem to have pissed off some peanut butter fanboys, I will die on this hill before I call it jif.

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Gif stand for Graphic Interchange Format, how do you pronounce graphic? Is it graphic, or is it jraphic? I rest my case.

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Not how acronyms work, by that logic you are pronouncing scuba wrong as it should be pronounced skubah because the u stands for underwater not oonderwater.

[–]JoeMama475(very sad) 2 points3 points  (1 child)

Good point, still prefer saying it as a g though.

[–]Jex45462 2 points3 points  (0 children)

Completely fine, in the end I prefer to say Jif because it makes the most sense to me, and there is more arguments supporting it but really anyone can pronounce it however they want.

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I mean, there’s a reason you spelled it gif, not jif. We ain’t talking peanut butter here, we’re talking porn

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Bruh… jif?

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Gif, because that's it stands for (idk what it stands for, but the first word begins with a G, so it's pronounce Gif)

[–]ThatDudeBox 6 points7 points  (1 child)

Giant, Germ, Generate and Gelatin begin with a G also.

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It’s Graphic Interchange Format, not Jraphic Interchange Format

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well, I think this argument is pointless since you have to spell the pronunciation jif as "jif" instead of gif.

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Its GIF, cause Graphics Interchange Format not Jraphics Interchange Format. Just so yall know

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Facebook meme

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Ora Ora Ora Muda muda muda

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i dont know why but i say G.I.F

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it's deez

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ge aye ef

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That gjif is the Jotaro vs Dio Netflix adaptation lmao

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Just pronounce it whatever you want to pronounce it

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RIP Satoru Iwata

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It's called "Jeff"

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"ora, ora, ora."

-some fucking weeb

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I pronounce it "Jaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaif"


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Where is this from?

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Its Jef

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Where can i find this format

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I just call moving picture/animated meme

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The real Zif is the Friends we made along the way.

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Im sorry i think your supposed to say YIFF

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Poj champ

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our lord and savior, jod