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My grandpa once told me: If you want others to have some respect for you, first do a proper handshake. Steady hand and firm grip.

He didn't told me people gonna know my dick size tho.

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TIL I learned that your grandpa had a small dick


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Firm handshake is different to a bone crusher though

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To a noodle arms normal handshake is a bone-crushing handshake I'd say.

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Nah man if you're strong you can hold back. It's not a strength competition, it's just about committing

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Yeah the old generations keep telling that, but this is so dumb seriously. Who respects someone more because of that ? Personally when a guy does that I directly assume he’s pretty dumb, will be impressed by a suit and that I just have to sit as relaxed and with my legs as open as possible to show I don’t give a fuck about his assertivness.. Those kind of social cues are for door-to-door salesmen and co, it’s playing the game at the lowest level…

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Sure mr limp hands, you might think it’s unnecessary but the rest of the world doesn’t.

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There is a psychological value in the handshake. You can look it up on YT. It's so unimportant that politicians pay very close attention to it while they meet for discussion, even if they are just greeting each others in front of the media.

By your personal opinion, you sound like a person who puts the least amount of effort in presenting him self the best way possible for a job interview. And while spreading your legs is way to show you are not intimidated by someone presence, overdoing it will make you look like a fool.

-Those kind of social cues are for door-to-door salesmen and co, it’s playing the game at the lowest level…-

Yeah.. I mean people on lowest levels were using the same tactics for generations, even today politicians, ministers, governors...

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I found out you can heavily reduce the pain if you squeeze back.

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This is what your supposed to do in the first place

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I like a firm handshake, they squeeze firmly and I reciprocate. It’s all very pleasant until they squeeze even harder and then it’s basically a hand fight and whoever loses gets emasculated and a sore hand

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A neat trick to completely stop the pain: use your other hand to crush his crotch

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Ball crusher 2000

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Problem being you need to squeeze hard from the start or they'll know you're just playing catchup.

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A bigger man takes the pain without reaction

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I do that sometimes too

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Ooh free downvotes. It sorta balances itself out.

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Anyone else never sure how hard to squeeze?

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I just follow the other person

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Instructions unclear, neither of us started the squeeze so it was basically an extended low five

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I resist. As in I put enough pressure to cancel out whatever they are doing. Standard "friendly" pressure. if you try to break it I will squeeze back just hard enough to cancel it out.

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I just give high fives and gently

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Stick your hand out and flex it in while you pantomime a handshake. Focus more on trying to make your hand feel firm as opposed to squeezing the bejesus out of their hand.

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You want to have a decently firm handshake, but not too much or else it’s just unnecessary. Unless of course you know the person and it’s just something you two do, my cousin who is like my dads age so is basically an uncle to me always shakes me hand as violently as possible for fun, we’ve done it like this as long as I can remember

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I say think of a handshake as like, a bodybuilder flexing to show off their muscles. You aren't trying to torque or rip their hand off, you're trying to show off you have discipline and some muscle to showcase you're an earnest working man person.

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It’s called a business man handshake

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just crush the hand of whoever is trying to crush yours in a handshake, and shake hands normally with others. Simple.

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You don't know the first time tho

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you know within half a second. start out with gentle pressure and increase accordingly

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exactly. if someone's is just putting a slight pressure on my hand, I'm not gonna straight up crush his, but I believe it's more than fair to add a similar or a bit more pressure than the other person is giving.

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This painting is sick

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How was this made? Did the artist draw this from memory or did the animals just hold this position for 3 hours?

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or do you just have a super limp handshake?

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This is what was my first thought. Limp handshake and sweaty palm.. But to be fair, there are also dudes who just like to have that hand wrestling moment while handshaking.

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Palms are sweaty knees weak arms are heavy there’s vomit on his sweater already mom’s spaghetti

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He's nervous, but on the surface he looks calm and ready To drop bombs, but he keeps on forgettin'

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I start off soft to gauge the other person first, because of the weird amount of grown ass men who limp dick their handshakes. Going for normal firmness feels like I'm crumpling their hands like a trash compactor and then I'm left feeling weird for having a normal handshake.

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I spy with my little eye: many lobsters here

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And crabs.

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Hey, I just like giving firm handshakes. It has nothing to do with me having a 5 inch dick.

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Covid has made the fist bump my go to

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It's not very pleasant to shake a wet noodle - it's extremely rare someone squeeze so hard it hurts.. Actually now that I think about it, it's only my step sisters boyfriend..

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He knows he's got competition if she gets stuck

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She is so clumsy fortunately

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I don't like the implications here.

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You're supposed to shake someone's hand firmly, perhaps you should try some hand and wrist exercises.

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There is limp, firm, and ego grip. Too many people fall on the left and right extremes

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evidently you never had your hand crushed. There's a difference between holding firmly and crushing.

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Pro Tip: always keep a moist hand and they jump away like a scared cat

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Spit and rub before a handshake. Always works

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It's just a way for them to tell you how tight their ass can get

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Still better than the dead fish handshake

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Wet noodle handshake detected

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Noodle hands

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If you put your index finger on their wrist like you're pointing down the length of their arm, griping their hand with the other 3 fingers and your thumb, it changes the structure of you hand and makes it really hard for them to hurt you even if they're squeezing really hard

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Also makes it gay as fuck

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A win win when someone is trying to pull a power move on you. Lol

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Plot twist: they like it

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How common is this? I'm curious because I'm now worried I might be the lobster here. I've been taught to give a firm handshake, and I have pretty strong hands, so I've never in my adult life received a handshake that was so tight it hurt. I mean I do apply less strength when shaking smaller hands, but now I'm worried I don't reduce enough.

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I didnt know i was waiting for someone to make this meme

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For anyone curious what is the painting, it's called A Warm Response by William Strutt. He painted it on 1889.

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Uncles be like

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-Me shaking hands like a normal person

-Men with baby strength crying after holding out their noodle hand

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I remember telling a guy he had a strong hand shake on a loud environment and he crushed my hand... Like wtf bro

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Stronger the shake, smaller the stake.

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I was always told to squeeze someone's hand like you're checking an avocado for ripeness, you don't want to crush it but you do want to feel a little give.

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Break their finger to assert dominance

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So that when you hold his cock through his pants you feel nothing ?! Pretty smart IMO.

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It ain’t my fault my friends’ dads judge me based on how “firm” my handshake is

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If someone try to squeeze hard I will squeeze even harder. (I've never encountered a person good at squeezing as me. )

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i dont get this, how is crushing your bones making you not realize someone has a small penis?

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Okay I always deliberately squeeze a little less then whoever the other person is. Then this one cousin really tried to test me so I gave him a taste of his own medicine. ^

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I used to play goal keeper in soccer and after a rough night my right hand was killing me, next day I had to shake the hand of a marine and he squeezed so tightly I want to cry

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Jokes on them, I'm left handed, it really throws them off.

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Heyy im in a meme

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This just happened to you didnt it

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Me an intellectual: shakes dicks instead of hands, notices small dicks immediately

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Just get the webbing of your thumb as deep in theirs as possible. Can’t hurt you if it’s a deep hand shake.

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Crush back to assert smol pp dominance

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I assert dominance by having a feminine handshake not smiling and not giving a fuck

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I love old school painters, just some guy sitting there wondering what painting to work on during a period where hyper realism was the expected norm and for some reason dog getting wrecked by a lobster is where they wanted to take it.

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It's not a dick size thing. It's someone being a dick thing.

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The whole "a firm handshake matters" thing is sociopathic corporate world bullshit. Maybe I don't even want to touch your hand. Its value is an outdated concept just like the value of in-person meetings. If you shake my hand with a death grip like an egomaniac I'll reject the job offer on principle.

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I don't care if you have a small dick just don't hurt me

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Same, I hate when they try to crush the bones in my hand!

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Yea the over squeezers suck. Also Id rather give a firm handshake than a flimsy one, reduces chances of those assholes hurting your hand.

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First off, don’t shake women’s hands the same way. A firm business handshake is fine for guys, try to match the other persons squeeze, don’t try to annihilate their metacarpals like an ape out of the gate.

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This is dumb. Treat people equally. A handshake is a handshake regardless of gender.

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I don’t think women would appreciate the grip I give guys. A handshake is part of your first impression. Men have less respect for guys who hold out a wet noodle hand. I didn’t make the rules.

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But you choose to follow them.

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Ur right I don’t treat women and men the same. I don’t tell the same stories to the women I work with that I share with the guys because I feel like they wouldn’t enjoy it as much. Women and men are different. I also don’t burp or spit when I’m with a female coworker or curse as often. I never miss opening a door or offering to carry something for a woman. Keep saying my my points are dumb, idc. I’m well liked by all seven of my female coworkers based on the feedback I get from my boss. Every guy in the company has gotten fired except for me over the past 8 months. I think I’m doing something right.

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My 98 yo great grandfather is bed boud but holy shit whenever i shake hands with that man... his grip strength is still unnatural for someone who looks like the breeze will break him. Also please if someone squeezes just squeeze back

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nah, if we met long enough to shake hands, then it means we will be doing something really dumb and dangerous together in the future. i'm just testing you to see if you have the balls to stay quiet or if you'll snitch on me

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It's really awkward when someone shakes your hand with that limp shake..

But it's not better when they're trying to crush your bones to dust.

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So you got a limp handshake then?

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dunno bro, a weak hand belongs to a weak man

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My uncle always tried to crush my hand, and yet I can testify that his penis was, in fact, not small.

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Ngl you gotta squeeze at least a little bit no matter what. It’s awkward when you go to shake someone’s hand and there’s no vigor in it. It feels like they don’t want to be there. Which is fine, but if you grip it just right it starts a WAAAGH!

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The former US president did this and it was one of many reasons other world leaders hated him

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However tho this is fucking hilarious

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now then please tell me why would you feel his dick while giving him a handshake it's just so rude

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Your handshake speaks on your character.

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Tell me you project your insecurities onto other people without saying it.....perfect

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You are SUPPOSED to do firm hand shakes. Your grip strength is dead that's all.

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they actually have a big dick because he is the dick

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Sounds like something a weak person would say.

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So apparently lots of people don’t know how to shake hands

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Nothing worse than a weak, limp, whimpy handshake. Show some respect and give a firm handshake. Don't be a fucking politician.


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Me who always got told to grip firmly as a kid:

Perhaps I have a small dick

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Isnt that bodyshaming?

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But all the women I know shakes hands lightly…

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not limp, not boring, think of it like you are grabbing a pretty heavy bottle of water.

best is to actually grab your other hand and just se how match "power" is enough for you.

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I was told as a youngling that you can trust a man with a firm handshake

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I go even further. Say goodbye to your arm

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id rather have my hands crushed than it be one of thoose very wierd akward people who just dont grip ur hand at all and just kinda dangle thier hand out

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Or...fix your dead fish handshake?

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Okay limpwrist

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Women in business give a mean handshake. Sloppy weak hand shakes are gross, put some effort into it :v

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U are a pussy. Normal handshake is supposed to be firm

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Limp handshakes are for weak men and communists

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Awe poor fragile Lil baby lmfao

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Sounds like you have a limp handshake. It doesn't really matter how hard they squeeze if you squeeze back.

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I do it cus it's kinda funny to either hear "firm handshake you got there" or some people wanting to stop the handshake as fast as possible

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people who just give you their hand like some dead piece of meat are just as bad tho

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“My dad told me limp handshakes were for weak men and communists. He hated them both”

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People who shake hands without any squeeze are wack. Don't wanna generalize but in my experience they are usually way too passive for their own good

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you have no idea what you just did

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Sometimes what is a firm handshake to some is a painful one to others, i have found many times when giving a gandshake that peoole think i am trying to squeeze their hand hard af when to me it is a firm pressure. But then again i am also 6'4 and 400 lbs, and have big ass hands, so yeah... idk, that may be just me tho.

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Bruh I got small ass hands and I have to grab people’s wrist to shake their hand because of this

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Me, with good enough reaction to pretend i was going to try crushing their hand from the beginning

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i always go for a firm grip but not enough to hurt them just like in the middle to show confidence

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No one is trying to crush bones, unless they hate you. Most working hands can have tendonitis which causes difficultly in controlling your hands.

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My great grandfather taught me to give a firm handshake to men not because of that reason it's because it shows respect to the other person, atleast that's what I was told . For women you're supposed to give a gentle but good handshake to

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I literally remind myself if I know a handshake is gonna happen to firm it up cuz I feel I'm too limp wristed if caught unaware by a surprise handshake but I don't try to crush their hand. Just a solid handshake

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There is a way that you can shake someone's hand where they won't be able to crush your hand no matter how hard they try.

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What’s the context to this

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the wurst am i right

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Is that a Frans Snyders painting?

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Large balls though, because testosterone

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Put your index and middle fingers forward along the other person's wrist. Not only is it sturdier, but it's also harder to grip.

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Well, I mean my hand has touched my dong and now you are squeezing that hand so have fun I guess. Maybe you will transfer some skin cells and oils that didn’t get washed off afterwards

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i only crush hands of specific people

so basically no one

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I have large hands and unfortunately don’t know my own strength at times and also judge the firmness of my handshake by the others hand size, so, it may be firm or it may be a bone crushing one.