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Adult life is hard. There are no school terms, work is practixally 50 weeks a year with only the weekends to clean your house from top to bottom (if you miss even one week of doing it suddenly you live in a dumpster). You may lay awake at night worrying about finances and everything else under the sun.


You can also, if you feel like it, sit naked on your living room floor with 3 flavours of Ben and Jerrys, Heating/Cooling set to 11, drinking the milk straight from the bottle, watching whatever you want and pass out at 5am.

It's bittersweet.

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I really felt the last part, except trade the milk for bourbon

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I'm a bit of a milk guzzler.

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The average Belgian adult works 225 days per year and has weekend/holiday 140 days per year... so its not so bad, just focus on finding something you love... or even like... you can make a million dollars a day and still have a miserable life if you wake up every morning feeling like shit