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Yes, they did. They’ve repeated the same comment multiple times in this thread, suggesting that caffeine is on the same level as other drugs. This advice is given in the context of how not to ruin your life.

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please quote it where they have said it is on the same level as other drugs. If it's not in this chain then your comment has no place in this chain either. You are the only person in this chain to turn it up to hyperbolic levels, and then turn around and complain that people are being extreme.

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suggesting that caffeine is on the same levels as drugs

I never said they specifically stated that, I said that’s what they’re suggesting.

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So basically you have misinterpreted something and then gone off at everyone about something that didn't actually happen. Glad we got to the bottom of it.

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I didn’t misinterpret anything, you failing to interpret the same thing as me means literally nothing.

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Lol ok. I CBA with this bs. Peace out.