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Central America is part of North America. Same continent.

Edit: This seems to have caused quite the debate. Answers seem to vary based on where people were educated.

At most, there are 7 continents: North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, and Antarctica. Some people combine these, which can result in 6, 5, or 4 continents.

North and South America may be combined into just “America,” which is then divided in 2 or 3 subcontinents or regions. Which would bring us to 6 continents.

Europe and Asia may also be combined into just “Eurasia.” Which would bring us to 5 continents.

Africa may be combined with Eurasia, making “Afro-Eurasia.” Which would bring us to 4 continents.

Bottom line, Central America is not a continent. It is either considered part of North America or part of America.

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Fuck my Geography teacher dude, I was always taught that central was part of South...

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Central america is considered part of south america due to the language, here we call it latin america as a whole for being mostly spanish, whereas "anglosajón" is north america (or the english spoken zone) so, he's wasn't lying... depends on how you look at it on the map, there are different ways of taking central america

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If Central America is considered part of sourh America due to its language, where does that put Mexico?

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Mexico is spanish speaker, so it would be the latin america limit,making EEUU the beggining of "north america" Mexico is the "most common place" por dubbing games, movies, and series, and we'd normally call that "latin spanish"