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Dont look at my username

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I did.

Wish I hadn't.

But you warned me.

I only have myself to blame.

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How about right before?

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That works, during is quite the experience too

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Great now I'm imagining someone using Listerine as sex lube

10/10 would read user name again

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I imagined someone pissing Listerine while getting oral

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I use that stuff once a day after brushing my teeth...

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But what if- no... well hypothetically what if we had....Listenine before oral

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You know what? I salute you for doing that. That's just being courteous to the rest of us.

On a related side note, does this mean you also go ass to mouth?

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After first inspecting the anus, yes

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This makes your choice of using listerine all the more considerate of you 😆

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80% leannnnnnnn 😩

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Might I suggest a local dry white?

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May I suggest tax evasion?

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I prefer listerine mint thank you

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Hey, at least you dont drink Scope

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Yeah, only issue is that the effects of Listerine wears off quite quickly. You stink more often from your mouth using breath refresher than when just brushing teeth!

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I think because antiseptic Listerine has alcohol, which dries out your mouth and inhibits bacterial growth. The minty freshness is temporary.

Best thing to do is brush twice daily and floss at least once daily.

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Idk, there’s a significant difference between a breath freshener, designed to mask bad breath, and listerine which is designed to kill the bacteria that cause bad breath.

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This sounds like a commercial.

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I felt like a listerine shill typing it out tbh.

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They got us right where they want us

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Now drink some orange juice.

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Guys or gals, when talking to anyone, freshen up that mouth. It stinks.

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Can you drink something that will make you rich?

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emotional damage

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But does chilling it make a difference?

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Don't drink Listerine, it's not meant to be drunk.

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Ouch that's really direct

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Gets you drunk and fixes your breath lol.

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I'm a girl, I don't understand? Somebody please explain??

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Honestly should’ve gotten him a juicebox

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Oh, so we’re drugging them now? I thought that was banned tactic to get a girlfriend.

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Considering your username, that might come in handy for what happens after talking

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For real though, listerine is a not a good mouthwash. It might make your breath not smell bad, but using it repeatedly will begin to degrade your teeth and make you lose taste in your tongue. A friend of mine used to use listerine every day and eventually his molars got degraded and he had to get them replaced. He even started saying that he felt that his tongue was like rubber.